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The current year is 2012.

It's currently winter.
The high is 43°F (6°C), with strong winds.


Below are the rules for BeauxStrang. There is a lot of information, but these rules are established to keep the site running smoothly and for the safety of our members. Understand that major violations can result losing privileges or being banned from the site.


Please register with the first and last name of your character, using proper capitalization. Be creative and make up your own name! This is a non-canon site, so don’t sign up with names like “Harry Potter” or “Mallory Granger”. You should also avoid using knock-offs, such as “Naruto” or “Jack Sparrow”. It is also important that you enter a valid, working email address, as this is necessary to activate your account. These registration rules are clearly stated here and on the registration page. Breaking these registration rules will therefore result in your account being deleted.


⁂ PG-13.
⁂ Anything used in the HP series is acceptable (i.e. curse words).
⁂ No “R” rated content. This includes nudity, extreme violence, and descriptive sexual content.


Multiple student accounts are not permitted. Professors may have their teaching account and their student account. Family members and/or friends are encouraged, but please let us know if they will be using the same IP address. You are responsible for what is posted under your account, so do not give others your password or let them use your account.


⁂ Use proper grammar and punctuation.
⁂ No double-posting (use the edit button in the top right hand corner of your post).
⁂ No spam, netspeak, or posting in all caps.
⁂ We understand occasional spelling errors or if English is not your first language. Our main problem is when a member puts no effort in their posts.


We strongly recommend not sharing personal information due to the potential consequences. This includes, but is not limited to, phone numbers, addresses, etc. The staff will never force you to reveal personal information. An email address is required only to activate your account and will never be shared with other third parties. If you wish to disable other members from sending you messages via email, see the FAQ.

Graphic Rules

⁂ Signature Maximum: 500x400 px
⁂ Avatar Maximum: 150x200 px
⁂ No offensive graphics.
⁂ No advertising in your signature.
⁂ Representations of the Wizarding World and Beauxbatons are encouraged!


Do not steal or copy material from this site without permission. We ask that you give credit (preferably by using a link) if you decided to post anything you created on the site elsewhere (i.e. graphics, applications, etc). We ask this to avoid copyright accusations.

Private Messages (PM)

Do not send inappropriate material, spam, or advertisements through private messages.


The RP rules can be found here.