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 Violette Renée Worth

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Violette Worth

Violette Worth

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PostSubject: Violette Renée Worth   Violette Renée Worth EmptyMon Feb 02, 2009 12:16 am

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The Basics
character name: Violette Renée Worth
nicknames: Vi (rhymes with "tea"); some family members refer to her as “Letty”.
birthday: June 2.
hometown: Rennes, France.
age: Eleven.
nationality: French, English.
languages: French, English.
blood status: Halfblood

Behind the Name
Violette: of Latin origin, pronounced vi(o)-lette, means “purple”.
Renée: of French origin, pronounced reh NAY, means “reborn”.
Worth: of Saxon origin, pronounced wo(r)-th, meaning “a court, farm, possession, place, field or way; the place valued, sold, or granted”.

Violette is quite fond of her name, although most of her friends refer to her as “Vi”. She often wishes for a more dominantly French surname, as she strongly values her nationality. She also would have preferred a name more prominent in the Wizarding World, such as her mother’s maiden name, Champión. This, however, is not a major concern for her, as the name “Worth” implies value and significance (at least in her mind).

Dark, shoulder-length hair of a coffee hue curves inward around Violette’s round face. Thin bangs shadow her olive-colored eyes, which are nearly identical to her father’s. They have an elliptical shape and often display a skeptical gaze, as if she is scrutinizing her surroundings. Minute freckles are scattered across her nose and cheeks, a feature that she rather dislikes. Her cheeks often exhibit a pink tint, due to the time she spends outdoors. She inherited her pale complexion from her mother, and the fairness of her skin causes her to sunburn easily.

Compared to the majority of other eleven-year-olds, Violette is quite grown for her age; she stands several inches taller than her peers, and has a pudgier form. She, however, accepts the difference as a blessing, believing it proves her maturity and somewhat superiority. When moving, she has the tendency to swing her arms, and move in a hurried manner; occasionally, if in a decent mood, she travels with a slight spring in her step.

In an attempt to act older, Violette tends to wear more elegant and expensive clothing, as opposed to comfortable attire. However, like every eleven year old, she does possess many grass-stained garments.

Violette is an intellectual and eloquent young girl, especially for her age. She constantly attempts to act older and more mature; however, this often gives her the appearance of being conceited and bossy. She has a communicative and lively nature; unsurprisingly, her favorite pastime is simple act of talking. In addition, Violette can be quite versatile; she loves variety in life, and is usually open to new and different situations. Furthermore, she has a shrewd and cautious disposition, causing her to dislike uncertainty and hazards. Violette is also known to be analytical, ambitious, and disciplined.

On the negative side, Violette is quite superficial, as well as inconsistent. She is also a perfectionist, causing her to be overcritical and somewhat harsh. When doubt crosses her mind, she tends to become quite nervous and irritable. If it seems a situation is not in her favor, her outlook becomes extremely pessimistic and fatalistic. She has a good memory, and the inclination to hold grudges when opposed. Furthermore, she dislikes ridicule, sloppiness, and being alone.

Due to her youth, Violette is still discovering her strengths and weaknesses, as well as likes and dislike. However, she has already shown aptitude in Charms, as well as Transfiguration. She is also hard-working, and she will work consistently to correct any trait which proves a hindrance. In addition, she is very opinionated, and will openly admit that which she prefers and that which she detests.

likes: talking, variety in life, sophistication, multiple projects at once, reading, reliability, purpose, planning, fighting for causes.
food/drinks: seafood, bouillabaisse, fried tomatoes, chocolate éclairs, orange juice, mint flavored tea (her mother’s specialty).
favorite color: green.

dislikes: uncertainty, mental inaction, being alone, advice, aggravating situations, failure, the ordinary, being proved wrong, dirt, silence, beetles, bugs.
food/drinks: porridge, plain tea, sandwiches.

mirror of erised: Violette envisions herself outshining her peers, receiving top marks in all subjects; she is also a favorite among the staff, and has been made Head Girl.
ambitions: Violette is more so a realist, and therefore her ambitions much match what she visualizes in the mirror of erased; she sees herself excelling in all of her classes, and eventually becoming a prefect and Head Girl.
boggart: Her boggart transforms into a giant, bloodsucking beetle.
patronus: Violette, being a mere first year, has not yet performed the Patronus charm.

The Worth Family
Edmund Yale Worth: The father of Violette, Edmund stands tall at 5'11". His eyes are nearly identical to his daughter's, and are a prominent feature in contrast to his fair blond hair. His complexion, however, is several shades tanner than Violette's, a trait he did not seem to pass on to any of his children.
Unlike his wife's side of the family, Edmund is of English descent, and attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in his youth. Upon arrival at the school, he was sorted into Gryffindor. In accordance to the dominant traits, Edmund is brave and chivalrous, but can also be somewhat of a daredevil. Subsequent to graduating from Hogwarts, Edmund pursued his dream occupation; he now works for the Ministry of Magic, and is a member of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad. Shortly after gaining this position, he met Colette; within a year, the two were engaged, and decided to settle down in Rennes.

Colette Olivie Worth: The mother of Violette, Colette has several similarities with Violette's appearance; their skin tone is of the same hue, and their dark hair matches exactly. Her eyes are probably her least appealing feature, as they have a large circular shape and are murky-brown. She has a lanky shape and is quite tall, standing at 5'6".
During her adolescence, she attended Beauxbatons Academy, and was sorted into Mauplumé. Her personality fits the house well; she's determined yet cautious and somewhat of a worry-wart. In her youth she always dreamed of having a prestigious occupation, something that involved fame and fortune. Her passion for writing led her to pursue a career as a reporter; for a short time she wrote for major papers, such as the Daily Prophet. However, after meeting and marrying Edmund, she decided she wanted to raise a family, and in the meantime would put her career on hold.

Elisamarie Fae Worth: Violette's sister, Elisamarie, is four years her junior. She has a milky complexion, presumably a combination of her mother and father's skin tones. Her hair has a light brown hue, while her eyes are a dirty green. Personality wise, she varies dramatically from her sister. Even for a seven year old, Elisamarie can be quite demanding, as well as cunning. Her innocent countenance tends to be misleading, and is a major factor in her constantly getting whatever she desires. While Violette always attempts to behave in a more mature fashion, her sister has no problem accepting her actual age. To say the least, the two do not get along well, although they do share an unbreakable sibling bond.

Violette's Journey Thus Far
Edmund and Colette, Violette's parents, had much anticipation about which school their children would be attending. They currently resided in France, within the border of many children who would attend Beauxbatons. However, would Edmund's attendance at Hogwarts also gain her a place the school? On the day of her eleventh birthday, however, there was no more need for worry; a blue envelope arrived via owl, stating Violette's acceptance to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

Because of her dominant traits, her mother was certain of her sorting; without a doubt, Violette would be sorted into her former house, Mauplumé. Her thoughts were confirmed, and both parent's were overjoyed in anticipation of their daughter's success at the academy.
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Violette Renée Worth

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