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 Lillian G. Bordueax

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PostSubject: Lillian G. Bordueax   Lillian G. Bordueax EmptyThu Jun 03, 2010 2:02 am

Lillian G. Bordueax 59-18

Professor Bordeaux

Transfiguration Professor

The Basics

character name: Lillian Genève Bordueax
nicknames: Lilly
birthday: Aug. 3
age: 22
nationality: French-German
languages: French, German, English
blood status: Pureblood


Lilly has dark brown hair most of the time, but it can lighten up during the summer. She has chocolate brown eyes that have been known to stare down a misbehaving student. She is average height at five foot seven inches, and she has a slightly slender frame.

Traits, Etc.

likes: Transfiguration of course, but her two other favorite subjects are Potions and DADA. She loves to travel, and if she isn't learning something she feels as though her time has been wasted.

dislikes: Misbehaving student and being alone

strengths: She "likes" learning, plus she is a quick to pick up on things and a loyal friend

weaknesses: She never really liked the whole fortune telling business, she can have a bit of a temper, but it does take a lot for her to get upset.

mirror of erised:She would see herself as Headmistress with her husband, and children behind her.

ambitions: To one day become Headmistress.

boggart: Losing her soul is her worst fear, so she would see a dementor sweeping down on her limp body and administering its kiss.

patronus: What does your character's patronus look like: American Bald Eagle

Overall Personality

Lilly is very outgoing and high spirited. She loves a good adventure, meeting new people, and traveling but these activities can end up a bit troublesome for her seeing as she is directionally challenged and often times finds herself very far from her intended mark. She has learned to make the best of her mishaps as she has spent the last several years travelling and learning as much as she can, and now she would like to convey her knowledge to her students.

Family Members

*She has a broad extended family since she is a pureblood witch, but immediate family is the only one listed.

Father: Henri; from a long standing pureblood family with influence in France and several other European countries, An Auror for the German Ministry of Magic

Mother: Mika Kramer; advanced her place in society with her marriage to Henri, housewife who cares for her youngest daughter Chloe

Twin Brother: Aiden; Currently a curse breaker for Gringotts

Younger sister: Chloe age ten; unexpected addition to the family, will attend Beauxbatons when she is old enough.


Lilly grew up just outside of Berlin, Germany, but she could be seen traipsing the streets as a youngster. She loved the city because there were so many places to explore, so it was not unusual for her parent to think she was going down the street to grab an ice cream cone, but to find her hours later having returned from an interesting trip which involved her getting lost and ending up somewhere completely random. Lilly credits her passion for travel, adventure, and exploration to these early explorations of Berlin and its suburbs. It was evident at an early age that Lilly was a very talented witch. By the time she was thirteen she had mastered some spells, charms, and jinxes that most full grown wizards had trouble with. Most of her talent was self taught by researching incantations and trying them out. She successfully became and Animagus at age fourteen, and the form that she takes is the same as her Patronus. As you could expect because she was top in all her classes, Lilly was not very popular, but this was not the only reason for her unpopularity. She was very awkward and clumsy like most children who grow too fast for their own good, but she never seemed to be able to outgrow her clumsiness. It is not uncommon to walk into her classroom only to find her rummaging around trying to pick up papers that flew out of her hand while trying to juggle a few of her books. She was able to outgrow some of her awkwardness though because at age sixteen she started to out grown her nerdy self began to bloom into a bit of a social butterfly who was outgoing and confident, not to mention a beautiful catch in any guy's opinion. When Lilly left school, she spent the next five years conditioning her new found status in life, but now she finds herself as a twenty-two year old who has decide to settle down a little bit and make some roots. She has been appointed the post of Transfiguration professor at Beauxbatons, and she hopes to one day become a Headmistress.
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Lillian G. Bordueax

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