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 Alyssa Huang

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PostSubject: Alyssa Huang   Alyssa Huang EmptyFri Jun 04, 2010 8:08 am

Alyssa Huang Aaaaavuc
Alyssa Li Ming Huang
Bélanger first year
The Basics
character name: Alyssa Li Ming Huang.
nicknames: Aly, A., AH.
birthday: May, 21th.
age: 11.
nationality: Korean.
languages: Korean, English, French, Mandarin, Spanish (still learning) and Italian (also still learning).
blood status: Pureblood.

Alyssa is a Korean/Chinese girl, with long brown hair. Her hair is between curly and straight. She has brown eyes.
She is pretty long. She had a smooth skin and long legs. She’s not too skinny and not too fat, though her tights are a bit chubby.
You can see she is a cheerful girl.
Alyssa likes to wear muggle clothes; jeans with a nice top, and some all-star shoes. In summer however she wears her yellow and blue flip-flops all the time.
Though secretly she adores her Beauxbatons uniform, which she just bought.

Traits, Etc.
likes: Chocolate, reading, her cat, flying secretly on her brothers broom, doing dull muggle things (like watching a lot of soaps/series),
dislikes: discrimination, people calling her a little child, going to bed.
strengths: Positive, nice, pretty clever, making people feel comfortable, humor.
weaknesses: Can’t focus, can’t deal when she loses something (like a game), naïve, clumsy.
mirror of erised: Alyssa would see herself having a good time with her dad.
ambitions: Becoming a successful healer at the St Mungo's, or one of the best Aurors.
boggart: A huge grasshopper.
patronus: Well, she can’t do this yet, but it would probably be an elephant or a fox.

Overall Personality
Alyssa is a happy girl, always positive and very cheerful. She has the possibility to make you laugh at any time. When you’re with her you’re never bored.
Alyssa’s also very nice, but when she gets mad, you should really watch out. And when you need advice, don’t come to her, unless you want your problems to get worse.

Family Members
Alyssa Huang Familytreem
Ooops, I accidentely mistyped the year were Alyssa is born. It should be 1980. I'm so sorry.

Alyssa comes from a wealthy family, her father was an auror and her mother a famous healer in Korea.
Alyssa lived a happy life, she had lots of friends, did fun things and her parents earned a lot by their job. Alyssa was used living in wealth and having a lot of people around her.
But than just one year ago her father died, during his job.
Alyssa’s father was an Auror who was busy working on a case when some people who claimed He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named would rise again fought with him. Alyssa’s dad didn’t stand a chance, since it was four against one.
When Alyssa’s dad died, she felt really sad and lonely. Her dad, a man she thought was invincible, was dead.
Alyssa locked herself up in her own world, for quite a long time. But her friends and Family helped her out.
And though she still misses her dad, she learned to get over it.
She’s currently staying at her uncle and aunt, who live in France, because her mother thought the magical education was better in Europe.
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Violette Worth

Violette Worth

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PostSubject: Re: Alyssa Huang   Alyssa Huang EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 3:46 pm

your application has been
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Alyssa Huang

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