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 Callia Benoit

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Callia Benoit

Callia Benoit

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PostSubject: Callia Benoit   Callia Benoit EmptyFri Jun 04, 2010 11:24 pm

Callia Benoit Blake-10

Callia Renee Beniot
Grodeffroy 1st Year
The Basics
nicknames: Cali
birthday: November 9
age: 10
nationality: French- American
languages: English and learning French
blood status: HalfBlood

Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Taller than most her age
Slender, but athletic
Fair complection

Traits, Etc.
likes: History, sports, reading, music; honest people, given a fair chance, being judged by who you really are
dislikes: Cats, the fact that she knows very little about the wizarding world and her past, whinny people
strengths: She makes decents marks in school because she applies her self, but she really excells in athletics.
weaknesses: meeting new people because she is rather shy, french because she is still learning, herbology and astronomy because she was never very good in muggle science classes
mirror of erised: To live up to her families expectations of being the best beniot she could be, so she would she herself with a beautiful husband and family. And she is the youngest ever prime minister of france
ambitions: Make the top marks in school, achieve a ministry job and work her way up from there... She truely could care less about the aforementioned, but they will aide her in her ultimate goaol of finding out more about her family, her history, and the world around her that she is just finding out about.
boggart: burning alive, so she would see a loved one burning
patronus: What does your character's patronus look like (if their below a fifth year, they probably can't yet perform this, so put N/A or just delete).

Overall Personality
Cali is very reserved in the begining. She is not the type of person to go up to someone and strike up a conversation. She could really care less if she goes through the year completely unoticed, but if she does happen to make friends she can be more out going to the point that you can't shut her up. She is also very loyal, but once y ou lose he trust you have lost it for good.

Family Members
Mother - Carol Anne Riley Benoit
Father - Jamie Benoit
Paternal Grandfather - Henry Benoit
Paternal Grandmother - Jacquelyn Benoit
Paternal Uncle - Phillipe
Paternal Aunt - Emma Benoit Ammons

Cali was born in San Francisco, California to a single mother, Carol Anne Riley Benoit. Carol married a young French man who was, unknowingly by Carol, French wizarding royalty. The Benoit’s were highly involved in starting up the French Ministry of Magic. The Benoit family’s youngest son Jaime chose to stray away from the family business of politics and fell in love with an American muggle-born tourist. They eloped, but when the Benoit’s found out about the marriage they forced Carol to leave without any notice, abandoning her young husband. A young mother and alone Carol brought Cali up as a normal muggle girl. Not telling her anything of her true identity. Cali always thought she was different from the other children in elementary school, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it. When she turned ten years old Cali’s father found her in a muggle shopping mall. He recognized her Carol and they were reunited. He explained how he had been searching for Carol since her leaving and that he had left the family, Cali got to meet her grandparents for the first time in the fall of 1987, and they are being accepting of Carol since she has bared them and heir. Cali was incredibly excited to have received her letter from Beauxbatons because she is able to carry on a family tradition, and is well on her way to living up to the Benoit name. She is very nervous about going to school. Her French is shaky at best because she has only begun learning it within the past year. She fears that she will not meet people very easily at this foreign school. Until school begins she lives in the south of France (Marseille) with her mother and father, and in close vicinity to her father’s siblings and parents.[/right][/size]
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Callia Benoit

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