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 Nichole Etoile D'Lanqruet

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Nichole Etoile D'Lanqruet Empty
PostSubject: Nichole Etoile D'Lanqruet   Nichole Etoile D'Lanqruet EmptyTue Jun 08, 2010 12:19 pm

Nichole Etoile D'Lanqruet Dakota20Fanning
Nichole Etoile D'Lanqruet
Bélanger first year

The Basics
character name: Nichole Etoile D'Lanqruet
nicknames: Nichole, Niki
birthday: 9 February
age: 11
nationality: English
languages: English, French, Japanese
blood status: Pureblood

Niki is a who is quite the charmer. Even though she may look nice, looks can be deceiving. She has golden hair that is slightly straight, hanging down to her shoulder. She stands about 5' 4". She is very lighly featured, with piercing emerald green eyes. One look from her and you may feel like she is looking into your soul. She isn't too pale. Her skin is very soft, with rosy cheeks, yet a look of indifference usually situated upon her face.

Traits, Etc.
likes: reading, writing, outdoor sport, playing
dislikes: insect, darkness
strengths: flying, charm
weaknesses: potion making
mirror of erised: her own broomstick
ambitions: become a healer
boggart: cockroach

Overall Personality
Niki is very interesting for a lack of better words. She can be very cold, and doesn't warm up to people easy. Her mood kind of changes with the day. She can be shy, but most often is very outgoing and active. She is quite intellectual, having her nose almost always in a book. When people talk to her, she listens, to whatever someone told her. She really is willing to be friends with anyone who will take her, due to the lonliness of her past. When she makes a friend, she will do everything in her power to protect them, but if anyone makes her angry, they'd better watch it.

Family Members
Niki is an orphan, she was being left in front of an orphanage. With a tiny little letter that said that her family, Blake, was dead in Hungary and her relatives couldn't take her. D'Lanqruet family, who has investigated her family background which is an ancient pureblood family from England, adopted her when she was 8. Since then, she's got her new France name and live with them in French. She live with her mother and father and also with her grandparents from her father side. She has no sibblings.
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Nichole Etoile D'Lanqruet

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