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 Daniel Jean Belmont

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Daniel Jean Belmont Empty
PostSubject: Daniel Jean Belmont   Daniel Jean Belmont EmptyWed Jun 09, 2010 2:30 am

Daniel Jean Belmont Dylan_sprouse_5259314
Daniel Jean Belmont
Delashmit first year

The Basics
character name: Daniel Jean Belmont
nicknames: Daniel, L
birthday: 2 March
age: 11
nationality: French
languages: English, French.
blood status: Mix-blood

Daniel is a who is quite the charmer. He is kind and nice. He has golden hair that is straight. He stands about 5' 5. He is very lightly featured, with brown eyes. He smiles a lot. Daniel has casual style of clothing. Simple T-shirt and jeans would do to him.

Traits, Etc.
likes: playing, joking, hanging out with friends
dislikes: sweets
strengths: DADA, Charms
weaknesses: Herbology
mirror of erised: His mother
ambitions: become an Auror
boggart: dead of his brother

Overall Personality
Daniel is a loving fun boy. He is full of spirit and funny. He loves to enjoy his life. A bit moody sometimes, when it comes to family. After his family separated, he felt lonely and tried to find as many friends as he could. So now, his friends are his family. He would defend his friends no matter what. He is a loyal friend.

Family Members
Daniel came from an ancient wealthy family. He lives with his father. After his parents divorced, his mother and twin brother moved to England. His busy father rarely home and taking care of him, so he decided to depend on himself rather than anyone else. Daniel spent most of his time in Nichole’s house (when he wasn’t at school). He met Niki when D’Lanqruet family, his neighbor, adopt her as their daughter. They played together ever since. Niki is more like family to him rather than his own family.

Last year, his mother passed away. His father and him went to England to met his brother. His twin brother unwillingly moved to their house this year. And they both will attend in Beauxbatons Academi together.

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Violette Worth

Violette Worth

Daniel Jean Belmont Empty
PostSubject: Re: Daniel Jean Belmont   Daniel Jean Belmont EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 1:36 pm

your application has been
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Daniel Jean Belmont

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