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 David Thomas Belmont

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PostSubject: David Thomas Belmont   David Thomas Belmont EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 12:35 pm

David Thomas Belmont ColeSprouse
David Thomas Belmont
Bélanger first year

The Basics
character name: David Thomas Belmont
nicknames: David, Dave, D
birthday: 2 March
age: 11
nationality: French
languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese
blood status: Mix blood

David is tall and slim. He is taller than Daniel and also slimmer. With his dazzling light brown golden hair and brown eyes he could make any girl fall for him. He does not like Daniel who smiles a lot, David tend to keep his emotion for himself. He stands about 5’8. He mostly wears anything that is comfortable. David is not a sport buddy. He always lock himself on a room and read anything that he could find.

Traits, Etc.
likes: reading, writing, studying
dislikes: crowd, noise
strengths: Herbology, Rune, History
weaknesses: Flying, DADA
mirror of erised: his father
ambitions: to discover something useful for the future
boggart: death of his brother

Overall Personality
David is a serious person. His background made him that way. But he used to be a very kind and funny person. He doesn’t talk much and always has book on his hand. He hate crowd, especially when he’s there in the middle. He rarely shows his emotion towards other. He tends to keep it all for himself. He likes to be alone. Even his twin brother couldn’t stand talking to him.

Family Members
David is the younger of the twin. His brother Daniel is the only one he trust. But after they’ve been separated, David changed much. His mother threats him bad. She had drunk all the time after she divorce. David thought that his father didn’t want him, that’s why his mother took him and made his life miserable. After his mother died, His father came to America and took him with them. So, now he moved back to his old house in Paris.
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Violette Worth

Violette Worth

David Thomas Belmont Empty
PostSubject: Re: David Thomas Belmont   David Thomas Belmont EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 2:42 pm

your application has been
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David Thomas Belmont

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