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 Lexa Atherton (repost)

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PostSubject: Lexa Atherton (repost)   Lexa Atherton (repost) EmptyWed Jun 16, 2010 2:14 am

Lexa Atherton (repost) Macrosman
Full Name: Lexa Whitlyn Astoria Holbrook Atherton
Nicknames: some people call her Story (short for middle name Astoria)
Birthday: July 4th
Age: 11
Nationality: American, British
Languages: English, a bit of Spanish, almost no French
Blood Status: Pureblood

A brunette with brown eyes and a tan complexion Lexa never really stood out for her appearance in her hometown in California. Instead she learned to rely on a killer fashion sense and the British accent she acquired from summers spent at her grandparents house. Her curly hair is forever a torment to her, but when it behaves she loves it. Though she can straighten it her parents don’t really like her to do it because they know it will ruin her hair if done too often. She definitely knows how to dress and is not keen to cover her clothes up with robes. She’s also, obviously, none too keen on wearing a uniform because she fears the fact that she’ll just blend into the crowd. For special occasions she knows how dress to impress and absolutely adores any time when she has the opportunity to dress up. She’s also quite short for her age at only 5 feet 1 inch, but she’s gotten used to that.

Likes: Reading (mostly fantasy), Writing, Shopping, Formal Events, Traveling, Chocolate Mousse, Strawberries, Shoes, Skiing, Kittens, Disneyland, Sunset & Sunrise
Dislikes: Blending into the crowd, Intolerance, Gossip/Rumors, Science Fiction, Flowers, Mosquitoes, Rain, People who judge others on their family, being made fun of
Strengths: Dressing, Acceptance, Forgiving, Organization, Determination
Weaknesses: Sort of ktutzy, Tends to breakdown when stressed, Gets nervous about unfamiliar situations, unconfident in her looks
Mirror of Erised: Being told she’s beautiful while accepting a Nobel Peace Prize
Ambitions: In the short term Lexa just wants to be able to communicate with her peers and professors so she can excel in school possibly eventually becoming a prefect and even Head Girl. In the long term she wants to become a Potions Mistress with her own international potions business and have a picturesque wedding to her soulmate in Barcelona.
Boggart: Death Eaters coming for her & her family.
Patronus: Lexa has of course not done it yet, but she thinks it might be some sort of snake

Overall Personality
Lexa is usually quite confident, but there are serious exceptions to the rule. She has no confidence in her basic appearance, but more than that she’s terribly nervous about her new school. She’s upset that her father’s job moved them to France as she was never good at French (all those letters and barely any of them pronounced!). She’s almost always smiling despite that and seems very approachable to those around her. She loves how her British accent has always stood out because she knew that people knew who she was.
She likes to help people in any way she can, but sometimes she takes on too much to handle and ends up burning the candle at both ends. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid of the hard work it will take her to get there (though languages are almost impossible for her to grasp). Lucky for her she doesn’t actually require copious amounts of sleep because she tends to stay up late and wake up early (not to mention the all-nighters she pulls). She doesn’t have a very good sense of danger and as such has gotten hurt and sick numerous times from not looking after herself properly. All in all though, she’s at her best when she’s in crowd of people at formal events whether they be normal balls, or charity galas.

Thurston Keene Lenox Atherton – Father, Healer
Paige Jennika Atherton (Maiden Name: Kinkirk) – Mother, Healer
Brenda Paige Kinkirk (Maiden Name: Redmond)– Grandmother, retired Charms professor
Adrian Tyler Kinkirk – Grandfather, recently deceased
Weston Scott Kinkirk – Uncle, Transfiguration Professor in the USA
Anamaria Rose Kinkirk (maiden name: Montgomery) – Aunt, Stay at home mom
Serena Marie Kinkirk – Cousin
Joshua Trent Kinkirk – Cousin
Carlisle Thurston Forrester Delancey Atherton – Grandfather, retired Auror
Astoria Raleigh Teele Atherton (Maiden Name: Pryce) – Grandmother, retired Unspeakable in British Ministry of Magic
She has no contact with her father’s side of the family except for her grandparents. All his sisters and brothers went dark so they don’t talk about them.

Lexa was born in her grandparents house in England, but her parents quickly returned to the United States of America. Fortunately for Lexa she has citizenship in both countries. Lexa was a beautiful baby and stayed quite uncommonly beautiful until the age of 6 when her looks settled to the average ones she has today. Her parents had her do child modeling, acting, and beauty pageants until then as she lived in California where that sort of thing is common. Therefore despite the fortune her family has and the trust her parents have set up Lexa has her own wealth from those activities and still receives royalties to this day.

Being the only child Lexa was doted upon by both of her parents as they were unable to have any more due to complications during Lexa’s birth. As Lexa’s good looks faded she took an interest in clothing causing her to still impress people and draw attention to herself. Lexa had a bit of a hard time making friends at first as she intimidated people, but once she made one friend others followed seeing that Lexa was actually a very nice girl. When she was 8 she discovered the injustice in the world as a friend of hers was discriminated against for her religion and Lexa started a group called Youth Combating Intolerance at her school in order to do what it claimed to.

One summer when Lexa was visiting her grandparents she ran into once of her Uncles on her father’s side. He had managed to stay out of Azkaban despite his shady lifestyle. Her grandfather protected her, but the damage was done, she now knew the dark (no pun intended) secret of her family. Her parents told her the truth when she returned home, but Lexa had nightmares for weeks of evil family members kidnapping her.

When her father told her about his new job in France Lexa was devastated. The circle of friends that had grown up around her were loyal and she would miss them dearly. Also adding to her horror was her nonexistent grasp of the French language, but her father insisted and since her mother easily got a job alongside her father Lexa had no choice. She’s worried about getting along here in France, but she’s here now and, if worse comes to worse she’s used to being alone.

(Sorry if this didn't need to be redone. I was a little unclear)
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Violette Worth

Violette Worth

Lexa Atherton (repost) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lexa Atherton (repost)   Lexa Atherton (repost) EmptyThu Jun 17, 2010 1:33 pm

your application has been
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Lexa Atherton (repost)

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