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 Crystal Anderson

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PostSubject: Crystal Anderson   Crystal Anderson EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 12:20 am

Crystal Anderson Chloeicon20 Crystal Anderson Chloeicon12 Crystal Anderson Chloeicon17
Crystal Anderson
Delashmit First Year
The Basics
character name: Crystal Anderson
nicknames: Crystal
birthday: 14 February
age: 10 y.o.
nationality: British
languages: French and English
blood status: Pureblood

  • Hair color : Blonde
  • Eye color :Blue
  • Skin color : Pale

Traits, Etc.
likes: Chocolates, ice creams, books
dislikes: Bugs, worms, rats
strengths: Smart, dependable, trustful
weaknesses: Sports, don't express her feelings too much, loner
mirror of erised: Being the most popular and smart girl in her school
ambitions: Crystal always be such a loner in her school, she only had a few friends, she's smart but no one ever notice her presence in school, she always be 'invisible', but her friends always cheer her and make her feel a little bit better. She always tries to be a popular an noticed by her school friends. She also wants to make her family proud of her.
boggart: A giant worm
patronus: N/A

Overall Personality

Crystal is uncommunicative girl, she always been a loner since her first day in her school, she never get along with her friends well, she always get left behind and maybe that's why she's being unnoticed. But actually she always get a nice score in her school. Crystal is smart and she is a bookworm.

Family Members
  • David Anderson - Father
  • Ashley Anderson - Mother
  • Mary Anderson - Younger sister

Crystal born on 14th February in London, United Kingdom. As the only child, she always been spoiled by her parents. Until suddenly, she being told that her mother is pregnant, Crystal is very sad and she gets mad. Her younger sister, Mary, born exactly two years later after her, Mary is quite friendly, unlike her sister. But finally, Crystal apologize to her parents and younger sister for being mad, her family apologized her. One day, her family is moving to France because her mother needs to move there because of her job.

One day, Crystal gets a letter from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, which make her feel very happy. Her parents, which also wizards, feel happy too. Everyone is happy, except Mary, she envies Crystal. Her family appreciate her when they know Crystal is sorted to the Delashmit house, a house for clever people. One day before Crystal go to her new school, she tell Mary that maybe Mary will enter a same school like her.
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Crystal Anderson

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