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 Claire Laurent

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Brielle Louise Renaud

Brielle Louise Renaud

Claire Laurent Empty
PostSubject: Claire Laurent   Claire Laurent EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 2:42 am

Claire Laurent A1-1
CLAIRE brielle LAURENT y Blanchard
The Basics
character name: Claire Brielle Laurent y Blanchard
nicknames: Claire for everybody, Elle or Bri for special and close people
birthday: June 7
age: 17
nationality: French-Asian
languages: French, English, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean
blood status: Pureblood

  • Eye color: dark brown
  • Hair color: black
  • Complexion: fair

Traits, Etc.
  • chocolates
  • ice creams
  • jellybeans
  • stuffed animals
  • blues and greens
  • flowers
  • milk


  • snakes, spiders, centi/millipedes
  • boastfuls

strengths: optimism
weaknesses: time management, remembering small details
mirror of erised: Being at the top of/best at everything
ambitions: to be a future Headmistress Very Happy
boggart: snakes, spiders, centi/millipedes
patronus: a hummingbird

Overall Personality | Family Members | History

Claire's a bubbly and jolly lass, has all the heart for everything cute and good. Nature +Claire = <3

There were Laurents who have made a huge impression in the French society.

Claire's am a daughter of noble muggle-borns by the name of Signora Claire Etoile Laurent y Blanchard and Signore Xarls Verill Romanov y Laurent.

[In Character Statement]

I was named before my mother, Claire, while my middle name has been a discussion they have fought with over before they ended up choosing “Brielle”. Though over the years, papa has been repetitive of telling me that she should have chosen Margo or Susane for me instead of Brielle which means pearl and lily, respectively. While mama was all for Lunette all these years which means little moon, she said it would have been perfect as her middle name Etoile meant star. In the end, my grandmamma made the final decision. Saying that I already am sharing a name with my mom, grandmamma listed their names: hers, Brigette, and Papa’s, Verill, and scrambled it for minutes until she ended up with Brielle, which means exalted goddess.

My mother is an Alumna of Beauxbatons, and has been in Beauxbatons, wherein she thought her sorting could possibly has something to do with her surname. She said that the sorting cloak/robe could have seen her surname’s meaning reflect unto her personality, and it wasn’t wrong. Mama’s surname, Blanchard, meant white and brave which both (somehow, since white is present in grey) represent the house of Godeffroy, and knowing my mother and her younger years, she is definitely courageux and reserve at the same time.

And being accepted at her Alumni, I am more than proud to be here, just like my family. My mama was the happiest among my kins, to say the least. I know, she's biased. Papa wished I'll be accepted at Hogwarts instead, since that's where he graduated. For me, Hogwarts or Beauxbatons, I will be as proud and happy. And they are both joyful as they heard that I have been sorted into Delashmit. It wasn't mama's alumni house, but she knows what the house caters, and it was their house's toughest competitor during their time. And that pleased everybody.
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Claire Laurent

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