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 Amiee Prideux (FINISHED!)

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Amiee Prideux

Amiee Prideux

Amiee Prideux (FINISHED!) Empty
PostSubject: Amiee Prideux (FINISHED!)   Amiee Prideux (FINISHED!) EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 11:07 am

Delashmit First Year

Amiee Prideux (FINISHED!) DSC02595

"Bonjour! Welcome to Beauxbatons! And your name is?"
    Bonjour! My name is Amiee Peeta Prideux. I've never gone by any other name and hate nicknames. The only one I have ever tolerated is May, givin to me by my closest friends. I refuse to be called anything else.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I see you're a first year. What house do you hope to be in?"
    Delashmit for sure. I have always wanted to be sorted into there. I'm not sure what about it appeals to me. I guess it is just that they are known to be the most up front about what they want and if they don't get it then they are smart enough to make it happen. That sounds a lot like me. Well, the up front part. I'm not exactly brillent but I can take care of myself.

"A fine choice. Tell me about your background. Where do you come from?"
    I was born in Wales, in the same town that my father lived in as a child. They lived there because his brother's and sister's needed to be close enough to attend Hogwarts. My father however was a squib. This really didn't make him friendly with his magic siblings. Anyway, shortly after my birth we moved to France to be closer to my mother's grandmother whose health was becoming worse and worse by the day. She died soon after we arrived but insted of going back to Wales like my Papa wanted we stayed in France. We moved out of the country (where we had been staying) and into the heart of Paris. Our apartment was small but homey and we have lived there ever since. My father works as a muggle teacher of music at a muggle school. My mother is a true muggle but just is living around the house right now. She used to be a dancer in her young age and when she got older she worked in fashion. Now she is jobless. It makes her tired and she gets angry easily. But I love her all the same. I'm not really sure of my 'blood status' but I just find myself lucky I am magical at all. My twin sister Catilina isn't and I feel horrible for her constantly.

"Very interesting. I see you speak English, but do you speak any other languages?"
    French. This is France after all. English may be my dominate language so I still have a slight accent but French had always been easy for me. It is a beautiful language and I am honored to speak it.

"I'm fluent in four different languages myself. Let's see, it looks like I don't have my glasses! Could you describe yourself for me?"
    Sure, sure. Well.. My most visable feature is my hair. It's a brillent shade of red. Currently the legnth is just under my shoulders. I have a nice shaped nose. Not too pointy and not too round. I'm very happy about this since my family has such a bad history of ungy noses. I get mine from my Mum. Her skin is also pretty much perfect. There are no blemishes and acne is unheard of. It is very smooth and has a nice skintone. Not white but a pretty porcilin. I also recived this. Not to say that I havent gotten a pimple from time to time but it pretty good overall. The only thing I hate about my skin is that I don't tan. At all. In the summer I am porcilin and in the winter I look like the dead. This is great contrast from my hair. I don't like my eyes. They can appear any color they want to depending on what I am wearing. Offically I have hazel eyes but I think they are more blue-green. Being such a small part of my face this doesn't upset me too much however. I'm tall for my age but not so much I'm tripping over myself. As I continue growing it will all look perfectly proportional. I hope.

"Well, I'm sure you can see me just fine. Now why don't you tell me about yourself. Your likes, dislikes; anything you can think of."
    Oh. Goodness. I don't know. My best class is Ancient Runes but I take a pretty good shot at Astrology. I'm horrid at all sports exept quidditch, and in my opinion that is the only one that counts anyway. People say I am a born artist. I can draw something so realistic that it looks like it's alive. I'm an awsome dancer and will dance to anything anytime. So much so people almost are scared of me. I really like boys *nervous giggle* but I have a tendancy to think every boy I've ever had a crush on is 'the one'. I can't stand when boys cheat on people. Depending on the curcumstance it sometimes feels worse than murder to me. I hate all boy and all girl quidditch teams and really like women's rights. Umm.. I hate musicals and their 'spontanious' dance rutines. Ohh.. Ohh.. I also hate when people crack their finger *sudders*. I also find it annoying when people finish other people's sentances. Especially when they are twins. Talk about stupid. I might discribe myself as a daydreamer. I really like to live in my own head. I am my own favorite compainion. But not to say I don't have friends. I really am quite social. I think that's about it.

"Thanks for taking the time to tell me about yourself! I think you'll make a great addition to Beauxbatons. Is there anything else you'd like to add?"
    Thank you. I don't really have anything else. I would just like to say for the record though that Beauxbatons was not my first (or even second) choice for a school. I was much more interested in Hogwarts. But now that I'm here I think it will be a good expirance. Thanks again for your time.
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Amiee Prideux (FINISHED!)

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