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 Eloise Nathalie Girard (un-finished)

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Eloise Nathalie Girard (un-finished) Empty
PostSubject: Eloise Nathalie Girard (un-finished)   Eloise Nathalie Girard (un-finished) EmptyMon Sep 20, 2010 6:45 pm

Eloise Nathalie Girard (un-finished) 001
Eloise Nathalie Girard
Grodeffroy first year
The Basics
character name: Eloise Nathalie Girard
nicknames: At times called Elo when people get close enough.
birthday:March 7th
languages: French, English, and Latin.
blood status: Pure-blood

Eloise was born with a two, different colored eyes. Her right eye is a vibrant brown while her right is a grey/blue tint. Her hair is quite frizzy and reaches her back when its not tied up, being as though she absolutely hates to have such a brown mess in her face. Her hair tends to contrast against her very light almost porcelain colored skin. As for height, she is quite petite and short, often mistaken for an 8 year old rather than a 10 year old, (though there isn't much of a difference.)

Traits, Etc.
likes:Sweets, Dolls, Music, and birds.

dislikes:Rude people such as those with a lack of manners, When people don't hear her(as she is quite quite), and wolves.

strengths: Since a young age, Eloise has been very gifted in cello and painting, though she tends to paint very peculiar things. She is also a very diligent student....most of the time.

weaknesses:Eloise has been found to have a rather short attention span, she also is a very mousy person making it hard for people to notice or hear her.

mirror of erised: Eloise wants to find her niche in life, lesser school.

ambitions: She wishes to study how music effects people, and what i does with magic.

boggart: Wolves and death


Overall Personality
In general, Eloise is a bright and happy girl though she tends not to speak her mind. She bouts with herself either mentally or verbally when deciding on things and usually doesn't notice the looks she gets for it.

Family Members

  • Lazare Nicholi Girard (father)
    Age: 34
    Occupation: Auror

  • Violette Sabine Girard (mother)
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Muggle relations

  • Lisette Josee Girard (sister)
    Age: 5

Eloise was born into a rather happy Home. Born after her parent's graduated from a muggle school to learn more about the world, Her mother became a Muggle relations officer and her father became an auror. She grew up around wizards and mythological beings all her life. At the Age of 8, her mother brought her to a muggle zoo, where the glass on the wolf exhibit was broken 'spontaneously' and two grey wolves escaped. Her and her mother escaped unharmed, but since, Eloise has had a deathly fear of the beasts. At the age of 5 she was taught how to play the cello and since, has found her deep love for the instrument.
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Eloise Nathalie Girard (un-finished)

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