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 Willyjhyang Kheo UNFINISHED

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Willyjhyang Kheo

Willyjhyang Kheo

Willyjhyang Kheo UNFINISHED Empty
PostSubject: Willyjhyang Kheo UNFINISHED   Willyjhyang Kheo UNFINISHED EmptySat Oct 02, 2010 3:33 am

Willyjhyang Kheo UNFINISHED Kim-bum
Willyjhyang Kheo
The Basics
character name: Willyjhyang Elpashya Kheo
nicknames: Willy
birthday: December, 25
age: 18 Years Old
nationality: Korean
languages: English, French, and korean
blood status: Pureblood

Oriental Cute
Dark Hair
Brown Eyes
White Skin

Traits, Etc.
likes: Candy, Books, and Piano
dislikes: Dirty
strengths: Smart, dependable, trustful
weaknesses: Potion, and Everything about girl
mirror of erised: Being the most popular and idol boy in his school
ambitions: CWilly always be such a loner in his school, he only had a few friends, he smart but no one ever notice his presence in school, he always be 'invisible', but his friends always cheer him and make his feel a little bit better. he always tries to be a popular an noticed by his school friends. he also wants to make his family proud of him.
boggart: Clown
patronus: Fire Horse

Overall Personality
Willy is very introvert person. He always save his own problems in heart.

Family Members
You can give descriptions of each family member, or just list them.

Where does your character come from, and where do they live? What has happened thus far in their life? How do they feel now that they've been accepted into Beauxbatons? How do their parents feel about the house they've been sorted into? Be creative, and try to invent an original history of events for your character Smile[/right][/size]
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Willyjhyang Kheo UNFINISHED

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