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 Aderyn Pryce [COMPLETED]

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Aderyn Pryce [COMPLETED] Empty
PostSubject: Aderyn Pryce [COMPLETED]   Aderyn Pryce [COMPLETED] EmptyWed Oct 13, 2010 9:20 pm

Aderyn Pryce
Mauplumé, First Year

Aderyn Pryce [COMPLETED] Tumblr_kvn9kjXFMv1qzk5h3o1_400

( The Basics )

( Full Name) Aderyn Marie Pryce
( Nickname ) None
( Age ) 11
( Birthdate ) January 9th
( Sex ) Female
( Hometown ) Honfleur, France
( Year ) First Year
( Sexuality ) Bi-curious
( Nationality ) Française
( Language ) French and English
( Blood Status ) Muggleborn
( Played By ) Ellen Page
( Good vs. Evil ) Villainous Tendencies

Aderyn Pryce [COMPLETED] 64550962

( Personality )
Born in the small town of Honfleur, France, Aderyn grew up having to make her own fun, from going on adventures in the port to making up worlds in her head, a trait that has stuck with her. Aderyn believes that no matter what the situation, one can never be bored. Aderyn has always been a bit of a Tomboy, and loves to be outside. She has many scars and broken bones from falling off her bike or out of a tree, but they're nothing she's not proud of. She believes that the scars on your body only prove that you did something that day. Aderyn is spunky, and speaks her mind, not usually caring if it hurts someone's feelings. She does what she wants, but doesn't have a complete disregard for the rules.

( Little Details )
( Strengths) She's strong for her size and not afraid of much. She goes through life with a 'what's the worst that could happen' ideal. She's smart, and can figure things out quickly. She doesn't hold grudges.
( Weaknesses ) She's not afraid of much and she goes through life with a 'what's the worst that could happen' ideal, so she often hurts herself. She doesn't have too much interest in a lot of things, and she has a fairly small attention span.
( Favorites ) Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts | Flower: Sunflower | Quidditch Position: Seeker | Season: Winter
( Likes ) Fruit, Chocolate, Music, Quidditch
( Dislikes ) Stupidity, ignorance, discrimination
( Dark Secrets ) None
( Reputation ) She's the new kid in town. No one knows anything about her.

( Family)

( Mother ) Marianne Lefevre, 38, Journalist. Their relationship is good. No ongoing feuds or resentment.
( Father ) Robert Dupont, 43, psychologist. Their relationship is bitter. Robyn doesn't like the fact that he is always psychoanalyzing her.
( Siblings ) None
( Any Other) None

( Belongings )

( Wand ) Willow, 11 1/4 inches, Chimaera Scale core
( Pet ) An Owl named Porthos

Aderyn Pryce [COMPLETED] 51207417

Did he really think he could avoid her forever? Did he think that he wouldn't encounter her at all for the rest of the Summer? He was bound to run into her at one point or another. Now would be that time, as she stepped away from the more social parts of the beach, down to the pier where she could be alone. She had recently pulled away from quite a few people. Her brothers having been the main ones in that situation, but there were other individuals who have been lacking in her department as of late. Why? Only she knows. There are internal thoughts and feelings that she isn't privy to share, or rather she shares minimal information on the subject. Just enough to satisfy the inquirer.

Lost in her own little thoughts, she didn't notice the presence of the boy standing near the end of the pier until it was too late for her to make a hasty retreat. There was a break in the train of deep thought that registered across her face, and in that instant, she looked up and saw Him standing there. She wasn't the type to show much true emotion, but a bit of shock registered across her eyes, and a light little gasp. Why did it have to be him? Why is HE here? For crying out loud, is nowhere safe?! Maybe if I turns around and walk away calmly, he won't notice.. Yeah.. I'll do that...
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Aderyn Pryce [COMPLETED]

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