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 Evelyn Petal

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PostSubject: Evelyn Petal   Evelyn Petal EmptyMon Feb 22, 2010 9:52 pm

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Evelyn Petal
Delashmet 5th year
The Basics
character name: Evelyn Arianna Petal
nicknames: Evy
birthday: July 31
age: 16
nationality: British
languages: Trilingual- french, english, polish
blood status: Pureblood

Long straight black hair, with a relatively pale complexion. Medium hight, and thin. Sharp green eyes with thick dark lashes.

Traits, Etc.
likes: Books, animals, school and studying in general. Also likes a challenge. She doesn't not practice the dark arts, but they intrigue her greatly.
dislikes: Obnoxious rude self absorbed people. Spiders, and failure. Also doesn't like being upstaged.
strengths: Complex spell work, potions, quidditch.
weaknesses: Humor, making friends.
mirror of erised: To rise among them all.
ambitions: Become head girl.
boggart: Failure
patronus: Hungarian Horntail

Overall Personality
Can be quite smug. Vivacious and scheming. Can also be quite mysterious at times.

Family Members
Father-works in ministry of magic.
Mother-stays at home.
Evelyn is an only child.

Evelyn is an only child and she's lived a quite life until being accepted into Beauxbatons. She had been attending Hogwarts until her parent moved into France, therefore applying her into the most distinguished wizarding school in that area. Most of her relatives died in result of He Who Must Not Be Named, including her uncle Ferdinand, whom she loved dearly. Also, upon being accepted into Beauxbatons, she is excited and hopes to prove herself to be a studious witch. And her parent, are happy, although not surprised she had gotten accepted. [/right][/size]
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Evelyn Petal

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