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 de Valois, Gisèle Marcelline

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Gisèle de Valois

Gisèle de Valois

de Valois, Gisèle Marcelline Empty
PostSubject: de Valois, Gisèle Marcelline   de Valois, Gisèle Marcelline EmptyFri Jan 21, 2011 3:27 am

Gisèle Marcelline de Valois
de Valois, Gisèle Marcelline Voguenippon2
“the only abnormality is the incapacity to love”

and i wonder who you are; yeah i wonder who you are

» FULL NAME: Gisèle Marcelline de Valois
» COMMON NAMES: Gigi, Bambi (a pet name her father calls her)
» DATE OF BIRTH: February 14th, 1976
» AGE: 13
» SCHOOLING: Mauplumé
» BLOOD TYPE: Pureblood
» WAND IDENTIFICATION:Unicorn Hair, 12 1/4", Rosewood

beauty is more than skin deep, but i’m cracking in this mirror

» EYES: Blue-gray
» HAIR: Usually past her shoulders and chestnut brown, but is often changed
» BUILD: Tall for her age, slim
» HEIGHT: 5'6"
» WEIGHT: 100lbs
» MARKINGS: Just the traditional ear piercings
» DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Gisèle has a slightly upturned nose and eyes that always looked half closed. In the past, she had been chastised by teachers for looking 'bored and unfocused' in class.

underneath it all, what is there to hide behind in lies

+spending time with friends and family
+reading classic novels
+classical music (this sometimes includes classic rock like the Beatles and Queen)
-slugs, worms, and other slimy bugs in general
-misbehaviour and misconduct
-filthy things/people
» GREATEST FEAR: Not having a friend in the world
» AMORTENTIA: Freshly baked cookies, roses, jasmine flowers, tea
» ERISED: Being a skilled healer at St. Mungo's
Gisèle is an quiet girl who works hard for her academic achievements. Born in a prosperous pureblood family supported mainly by their trust fund, Gisèle was prone to some prejudice against muggle-borns. Although she had muggle-born friends in the past, muggles-borns are more likely to be the cause of her ill humor. Some had thought she was haughty and overindulged by her parents, however her distant behaviour came from shyness and a reserved personality rather than arrogance. Once she warmed up to you, Gisèle becomes a whole other person completely. When she's comfortable, she's random, animated, and couldn't stop talking if she wanted to. Around her family, she tends to be more stiff and formal. Gisèle parents always treated her well, but she was always the baby of the family. The one who couldn't accomplish anything on her own. Her brothers Dorian and Marc-André, who both graduated from Durmstrang Institute with exceptional academics and worked in England at the Ministry of Magic, were like two enormous shadows she couldn't get out of no matter how hard she had tried. In order to show her parents her independence and ability to survive in the outside world she left for Beauxbatons as soon as humanly possible and awaited the adventures that were soon to be discovered.

the past is what makes us who we truly are in the present

» MOTHER: Anaïs Genvieve de Valois-Rochette, 48, senior healer
» FATHER: Rainier Étienne de Valois, 49, auror
  • Dorian Rainier de Valois, 28, British Ministry of Magic Department of International Magical Cooperation
  • Marc-André Rainier de Valois, 26, British Ministry of Magic Department of Magical Games and Sports

  • Grandmother - Augustine de Valois, 72
  • Grandfather - Etienne de Valois, 78
  • Aunt - Cerise Brigitte Gagne-Rochette, 30
  • Uncle - Francois Henri Gagne, 33
  • Cousin - Gabrielle Cyrille Gagne, 10

» NATIONALITY: French (born and bred)
» RESIDENCE: Châteaux de Valois, near Versailles
Gisèle grew up in a picturesque manor in the French countryside. She was the long awaited girl of the family and everyone treated her as if she were a Fabergé egg that could break at the slightest touch. After her birth, her brother Marc-André felt neglected by the family and the relationship between the two had always been strained. Her parents sheltered her from the rowdiness that was Paris and frequently took her to northern Europe to visit her brothers at Durmstrang Institute. Because of her lack of exposure to the outside world, Gisèle can still be a little too innocent and naive when dealing with others. Now in her third year of schooling at Beauxbatons, she lost much of her naivety and became more sociable. She believes this school can change her for the better. When she finishes, Gisèle Marcelline de Valois will no longer be the carefully guarded little girl she was when she first walked through the front door.

these little quirks; it’s no wonder i can’t figure you out

» FILL THIS IN: I haven't rped in a long long time and I apologize in advance if I take a while to get back into it.
» ASSESSOR’S NOTES: admin notes.
» DNA CONFIRMATION: Through RPG Directory

please proceed to deliver this to the secretary at the wizarding census office on floor six.

Heyhey! This application; OFFICE. was made by LUCY a.k.a. COLOURED. At RPGU.
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de Valois, Gisèle Marcelline

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