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 Lee, Jacquelyn Jian

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Lee, Jacquelyn Jian Empty
PostSubject: Lee, Jacquelyn Jian   Lee, Jacquelyn Jian EmptyFri May 20, 2011 1:14 am

Lee, Jacquelyn Jian KelseyChow10-1
“And who are you to tell me?”

and i wonder who you are; yeah i wonder who you are
» FULL NAME: Jacquelyn Jian Lee
» COMMON NAMES: Jackie, Jack/Jaque
» DATE OF BIRTH: August 24, 1975
» AGE: 13
» SCHOOLING: Mauplumé
» BLOOD TYPE: Half-Blood
» WAND IDENTIFICATION: Manticore Hair, 12 1/4 inches, Elm, Straight and Stiff

beauty is more than skin deep, but i’m cracking in this mirror

» EYES: A rich chocolate to a mousy brown hue
» HAIR: Left alone, it's a wavy mess of copper brown hair.
» BUILD: Average, not at all slim but not chubby either.
» HEIGHT: 5'4"
» WEIGHT: 98 lbs.
» MARKINGS: Ear piercings
» DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: She's quite insecure about her teeth; even though the have been made to be aligned, her teeth are known to protude out when she smiles. Jacquelyn also has two freckles on the right side of her forehead, still, she's seen with her bangs disguising her freckles.

underneath it all, what is there to hide behind in lies

» LIKES: Loves to make impulse decisions, to hear and tell good jokes, being in her own world, lazy days, listening to music on full volume, constantly talking, sweet and sour treats, pastel colors, company, rhythm, and fair judgment.
» DISLIKES: Hates to have a planned schedule, does not like to be waken up, first impressions, pure silence, arrhythmic noises and/or tapping, feeling of being in trouble, 'loud' colors, long lectures -it makes her sleep-, thick books, waiting, continuous studying, hypocrits, and the list goes on...
» GREATEST FEAR: Humiliation, being alone, miscommunication, and has incredibly embarrassing stage fright
» AMORTENTIA: Scent of citruses, peaches, warm toast in the morning, ironically the scent of freshly print books, fresh sheets, corn, honey, and crisp air.
» ERISED: Her dream is to succeed in the wizarding world and the muggle world. Jacquelyn just wants a content life, which to her means being in control with her wizarding and muggle standing. She just wants to lead her life as grown ups do.
» OVERALL PROFILE: Jacquelyn is another typical, ordinary teenager, with years to mature and learn. Yet, she has a different aura about her.
She just isn't the type to talk unless talked to, neither is she the person to care for another. This girl expects a lot from others and when the requirement isn't met, she had no problem turning people down without a doubt in her mind.
This fourteen year old is quite a hard egg to crack. She will test you before she can put her trust with you and her trust doesn't come easily either. Jacquelyn Jian Lee is an impatient girl with a limited amount to give in order to receive back. And becoming her friend won't be an ideally achievable feat with her over-assuming mind and sour personality. However, she does have a sense of humor that anybody can relate with.
Her only joy in the world is laughing -and a few other things, but I digress- and just that moment of laughter can brighten her whole complexion. This brunette may seem all rough and tough from first impressions, but in reality, something as insignificant as a joke may turn her opinions topsy turvy on about others.
With that, Jacquelyn is not the selfish type -maybe a bit- but she has ventured enough in life to know the world wouldn't stop in its tracks for anybody, especially for a girl like her. Because of this, many have said her personality is much like the wise whom already have experienced life, only that contained in the small mind and body of this thirteen year old.
Yet the entire difference between the withered elderly and her is that this half-blood makes sure to enjoy a good time wherever and whenever, no matter the consenquences. Afterall, nobody gets out of life, alive.

the past is what makes us who we truly are in the present

» MOTHER: Richelle Roux Bissett, 34, Witch, At-Home-Mother.
» FATHER: Jason Danilo Lee, 38, Muggle Foreclosure Consultant.
» SIBLINGS: Cathy Geneviere Lee, 9, Muggle Elementry School Student.
(Children on her mother's side, categorized by ones closest to her:) Raquel Bissett, 13, Squib Cousin; Daniel Bissett, 10, Pureblood Wizarding Cousin; David Bissett, 15, Pureblood Wizarding Cousin; Nicholas Ciel Bissett-Gourdin, 2, Cousin; Catherine Blanc Bissett-Gourdin, 18, Graduated Wizarding Cousin; Mave Alette Bisset (soon to be Mrs. Fitzgerald), 21, Witch, Muggle University Student; (soon to be cousin: Andrew Fitzgerald, 24, Wizard)
(Children on her father's side:) Anthony Rainier Lee, 25, Muggle Self-Employed Worker; Genelle Lee, 30, Working Muggle Mother
» NATIONALITY: Half French, one quarter Filipino, and one quarter Korean.
» RESIDENCE: Flavigny, Marne; southeast of France.
» PERSONAL HISTORY: As Jacquelyn grew up, she was raised as any other muggle. But to know her story, you have to know her family's.
See, it all started with a young witch named Richelle. She was French, happy, bubbly, but above all, she was a pureblooded witch. She was born into quite a reputable family, all of whom were wizards and witches even still to this day. However, ever since she was little, Richelle had honestly wanted a simple Muggle life, without the complications of the wizarding world. Richelle had never had the choice in which life to lead so when Jacquelyn was born, she made up her mind. She was going to finally have the chance to feel what it was like to be a muggle.
Jacquelyn, from then on, was raised by her mother and father's sweat, tears, and love; both knowing her full potentional but never pushing it. She had never known about her abilities, even when there were unexplainable events that she caused. In a way, she was content with the life she lead, no matter how ignorant or small it was. Only if her life did stay small...
As soon as Jacquelyn's extended family found out, all hell broke loose.
There were more cousins that she had never knew about, and of course, all of them from her mother's side. There were aunts and uncles and great-grandmothers that she had never properly been introduced to. Jacquelyn's wizarding abillities weren't hushed rumors anymore, her extended family had proven that she was indeed a witch. With their numerous complaints and overly-friendly suggestions, Jacquelyn's mother broke under pressure. Jacquelyn would be educated as a witch, not a muggle. And with all of the Bissetts' connections, they all managed to land Jacqulyn Jian Lee to where she is now: Palace of Beauxbatons, the Academy of Magic.

these little quirks; it’s no wonder i can’t figure you out

» FILL THIS IN: I apologize if my paragraphs are really scattered and all around the place, my roleplaying skills are rusty.
» ASSESSOR’S NOTES: admin notes.
» DNA CONFIRMATION: Either by Google search or RPG Directory, probably the latter.

please proceed to deliver this to the secretary at the wizarding census office on floor six.

Heyhey! This application; OFFICE. was made by LUCY a.k.a. COLOURED. At RPGU.
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Lee, Jacquelyn Jian

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