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The current year is 2012.

It's currently winter.
The high is 43°F (6°C), with strong winds.

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 A Summer Breeze [OPEN]

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PostSubject: A Summer Breeze [OPEN]   Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:25 am

The first rays of the sun touched upon the town and its buildings. The Eiffel Tower's lights shut off and the sunlight started to shine upon its great height. The small homes started to wake up, with busy people buzzing about. A normal day in Paris, France was just starting. But for few, such as Jacquelyn, that was not the case.

Jacquelyn's light hazel eyes caught the sun and greeted it before retreating her shy glance back to the sidewalk. Jacquelyn was not an early bird, but today, she couldn't waste her time in her hotel room. Today, she was going to buy, buy, buy.
Her hands drummed against her tattered wallet as she strolled around to find a shop she was interested in. Jacquelyn entered one out of the many stores located in the strip mall, treating her eyes to a rack full of clothes, shoes, and accessories. A small smile worked up its way up to her mouth and Jacquelyn tried on everything from heels to earrings...

When she came out, all of her Euros (or the European muggle money, as the wizards would say) were spent and her arms were occupied with filled shopping bags. It was a great day, or at least it was to Jacquelyn.

But soon enough, her sleek legs gave out from walking as she found a bench to sit on. Jacquelyn Jian Lee stared up at the Eiffel Tower peeking towards her. It looked perfect, with the light hitting it only on the side. The speckled and fractured light brightened up the day, just as the sun reached its peak.

A small summer breeze brushed up and her hair was swept to the side in clumps of dark strings, almost like a dancing affair between her locks and the air. The girl gathered up the tangled mess of her hair and reminisced, 'Today was a great day, indeed.'
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Victorae Sampson

Victorae Sampson

PostSubject: Re: A Summer Breeze [OPEN]   Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:26 pm

The warmth of the hot and shady sun blew onto the pretty girl's face as she walked into the grounds of the French school. She was Vicky, and the school was Beauxbatons. Her mother had told her she was a witch when she received the letter, as Vicky was muggle-born. She was in Belanger and was excited about term starting and her meeting new friends. She was just walking around when she spotted another student there, relaxing.

"Very relaxing, isn't it?" she asked, strolling up towards the person and smiling, her hands by her side. She didn't try to perk herself up so she didn't look a mess - she doubted that anybody would change their loving opinion about her. She was rather cheeky at times, but she liked testing moods before getting really crazy. She was rather nutty, though, to be honest.

The sun feeling spread across her face, and she carried on walking - she'd met loads of friends in this school just when first year had begun, and she figured she'd be very popular... at least, for the years in school to come. She thought that perhaps the school dating rules were strict and first and second years weren't allowed to date, or, it could just be puppy love, Vicky guessed.
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PostSubject: Re: A Summer Breeze [OPEN]   Sun Jun 19, 2011 5:38 am

OOC: Jacquelyn is shopping at Paris, at the moment, seeing how the term didn't start yet... Just thought you should know! Should I assume that Victorae will be there too or...?
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Victorae Sampson

Victorae Sampson

PostSubject: Re: A Summer Breeze [OPEN]   Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:11 am

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PostSubject: Re: A Summer Breeze [OPEN]   

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A Summer Breeze [OPEN]

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