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Madame Marcoux

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PostSubject: Affiliate.   Affiliate. EmptyWed Jul 06, 2011 2:08 pm

All are free to affiliate with the site, HP or non-HP sites. Though, please be reminded that you must have the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic button displayed on yours to be accepted as well as displayed.

Site Name:
Site Address:
Short Intro/Description: (At least 5-8 sentences; for site's Affiliates' Information)
Admin Name: (character or not)
Button url:

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PostSubject: Affiliation Request!!   Affiliate. EmptyThu Jan 05, 2012 10:34 pm

Site Name: Relive the Magic
Site Address: http: * http://z15.invisionfree. * com/Relive_The_Magic/index.php?
Short Intro/Description: Relive the Magic is an intermediate/advanced Harry Potter RPG. We have been open since 2006, and are currently under construction. THE PLOT: It is one year after the final battle, the Wizarding World is still celebrating the death of the most notorious Dark Wizard known to mankind. However, as they continue their celebrations a new dark evil approaches, something far more sinister than Voldemort could have ever hoped to. Will you reside on the side of the light? Or take up arms with the side of the dark? It's your choice when you Relive the Magic!
Admin Name: Shan
Button url: In sidebar under affiliates, for some reason this is being very selective on what I can post and what I cannot.
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PostSubject: Relive the Magic update   Affiliate. EmptySat Jan 14, 2012 10:07 pm

Our buttons location was currently moved, so the link got broken. However, our new button URL is

<a href="http://z15.invisionfree.com/Relive_The_Magic/index.php?act=idx"><img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif"></a>

Sorry for the troubles!
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PostSubject: Re: Affiliate.   Affiliate. Empty

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