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 Diagon Alley

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Clarissa Vanderbilt

Clarissa Vanderbilt

Diagon Alley Empty
PostSubject: Diagon Alley   Diagon Alley EmptyFri Jul 29, 2011 4:37 pm

"How much more Summer is left?" Alice asked, falling back onto my bed. "I can't take it anymore!"
"What are you talking about?" I said. "The whole last month of school you were practically begging for Summer."
"Well yes, but..." she pushed a lock of blonde hair from her face. "It's incredibly boring after a while. By the middle of it, in fact. The very middle of it."
"Which is why I much prefer Winter."
She scoffed. "Yes, it has nothing to do with the fact that your animagus is a snow leopard."
I rolled my eyes and stepped into the fireplace. "Well you have only a few days left, so stop whining. In fact, I'm going to Diagon Alley for my supplies. Tell Maman I'll be back for dinner." I grabbed the floo powder from a table and dropped some beside me. "Diagon Alley!" I said loudly. Just like that, I was gone.

"Well hello there, Clarissa!" I heard. The floo network must have changed things, because while I should have been in Flourish and Blotts, I had ended up in Twilfitt and Tatting's. "You're a long way from home." I turned to see Derek Grimm, a 5th year I had met at Hogwarts during the Triwizard Tournament.
"Hello, Derek," I said.
Derek was a snob. He had a few friends, but not many. He thought for sure that he belonged at Beauxbatons, not Hogwarts. The truth of the matter is, Beauxbatons students are not snobby. We truly are better than everyone else, and it's not only us that think so. We are la crème de la crème, the best of the best, in magic, academics, etiquette, charm, and looks. We are, simply put, polished to a shine. And that is why I exchanged pleasantries with Derek before making a beeline for the door.

The streets were calmer than usual, but still quite loud. Witches and wizards walked frantically to and from Gringotts and shops and everywhere else. Much like everything else in the wizarding world, the end of Diagon Alley was never quite visible. If there was ever an entrance or exit that you could just walk through, nobody ever saw it. People were constantly popping in and out of fireplaces or apparating here and there. I was utterly lost in the chaos of it all, when a boy bumped me from behind.
"Excusez-moi!" I said. Although Madame Marcoux was always reminding her students to practice their English, I couldn't help but revert to French when caught by surprise.
"Oh, I'm sorry!" the boy said. He was attractive, with dark brown hair and amber eyes. "Did your hair get messed up?" Attractive but sarcastic. Obviously full of himself. I decided he wasn't worth my time and stepped into the middle of the street, headed for Flourish and Blott's. My guess was that he attended Hogwarts. Slytherin, no doubt. I thought about it while I walked. I suppose the subject consumed my mind so much that I forgot where I was going, because I ended up in Knockturn Alley.
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Avalyne Trudeau

Avalyne Trudeau

Diagon Alley Empty
PostSubject: Re: Diagon Alley   Diagon Alley EmptyFri Oct 14, 2011 6:31 am

"Rosie? Rosie, don't wander. You'll get lost," a tall, casually dressed wizard called out to his daughter. When he received no reply, he tried again; this time, he spoke in their native French. "Rosie, ne pas errer. Vous aurez perdu." Avalyne looked up from a curious array of cages in front of the Menagerie housing various owls and mystical pets and scurried to her father's side, looking over her shoulder at a particularly fluffy barn owl with glistening blue eyes.
"Oui, Papa," she sighed, still gazing at the owl as the pair made their way down the alley to the apothecary. "Pourquoi allons-nous là?" the twelve year old groaned, wrinkling her dainty nose at a bottle of poisoned dragon's liver before her father had a chance to chuckle. Wyatt gave Avalyne a crooked smile and winked at her before addressing the shop keep. Though she spoke English, she had a tendency to tune it out, only picking up on a few short phrases from her father.
"Oh, yes, the Trudeau order," the old wizard recalled as she ambled from behind her counter to retrieve the potion ingredients from her stores. Wyatt put his hands in his pockets and looked around for Avalyne; he had to chuckle when he had found she made herself comfortable looking at the dried raven's claws and powdered erumpet horns. She gave a little jump when she heard him clear his throat and motion for her to return to his side.
She rolled back on her heels and glanced around the store and back at the window, watching the wizards and witches and occasional goblin scurry from store to store. "Papa, why are we here?" she sighed again.
"Rosie, we're here because Mama cannot get the goods for a certain potion I plan to make and there is no better place than London's Diagon Alley to get your school supplies." He practically swelled with pride after reminding his daughter. "In a few short weeks, you will be going to Beauxbatons, ma cherie," he added with a wink. She smiled and giggled at her father's enthusiasm and gave a short stretch, her ponytail swaying behind her with the movement.
"And I'll learn 'proper' magic there?" she asked with a grin. Her father ran his fingers through his hair and nodded, pulling out twenty galleons from his coat pocket for the wizard when he returned.
"Yeah...your mom didn't appreciate you sailing the neighbor's son to the top of that old tree..."
"Not like he didn't deserve it, Papa. He was asking for it when he pushed me in the mud," Ava countered with a downcast gaze. Her dark amber eyes seemed weighted to the floor. Wyatt shook his head with another chuckle and collected his package. Once they exited the apothecary, Ava lit up and tugged him toward a dusty-looking shop with a slightly weathered sign hanging above. "Papa, can we?"
"Ollivander's...I don't see why not, Rosie. You do need a wand..." His daughter tugged him harder and entered the store before he could finish. "Maybe we'll find the one that will choose you here," he whispered in her ear before kissing the top of her head. Ava smiled when she saw the elderly wand maker scuttle toward them.
"Bonjour," she breathed, eyes wide and eager. The wizened Ollivander chuckled and shook Wyatt's hand, casting his blue-gray eyes on the small girl.
"Hello there," he spoke, voice barely above a whisper. "I'm sure I know what to try with you. If you're anything like your father, you'll be an interesting combination," he hummed. Reaching for a dark blue box, he set it gently on the counter and handed the wand to Ava, who was excited just to be holding a wand that could be her own. "Eleven inches, Hawthorne, phoenix wing feather...It's very light."
"Mind where you point that, Rosie..." Wyatt chimed as he leaned on the counter. His jade eyes rested on his daughter before murmuring to the aged shop keep. "I'm sure you remember what happened when we looked for my match," he chuckled.
"Yes," Ollivander began. "You nearly set fire to your uncle's coat...thirteen inches, cypress, and unicorn hair, I believe that was. The aspen-dragon heartstring was a much better fit..." Avalyne gave the wand a short flick and closed her eyes when a tremendous gust of wind blew pages and dust from the shelves. "Hm...I see," he murmured, taking the wand back and placing it back on the shelf, and returning with another one.
"Perhaps a more unusual touch...Nine and three-quarters, rosewood, dragonbone. Very sturdy," he said curtly, handing Ava the wand. She took a deep breath and gave this wand a small flick and cracked the face of an ancient clock hanging in the storefront. Carefully sliding the wand away from herself on the counter, she looked back down at her feet and then at her father.
"I'm sorry about the clock, Monsieur Ollivander." He waved her apology away and handed her another wand, pulling from what he murmured to her father was his more exotic stores.
"This should be it..." he told her, and Ava could feel it as she wrapped her fingers around the polished handle of the wand. "Ten and three-quarter inches. Rowan, and mermaid scale. Very aggressive," he added with a raise of his eyebrows at the small girl. She lifted the wand and gave a short flick and spectral butterflies came from its tip. Ava smiled at her father as they began to disperse. Ollivander clapped and nodded at Wyatt as he collected the money and wrapped up Avalyne's wand.
"Rosie, thank Monsieur Ollivander," Wyatt reminded as he waved good-bye to the wand maker, prompting Ava to give a quick curtsy and clutch her boxed wand tightly.
"Merci beau coup, Monsieur Ollivander!" she called as she hurried out of the store behind her father. Beaming, she was beginning to think that this trip to London wasn't going to be a complete loss after all.

"Papa, why aren't we going to the magical district in France?"
"Because Diagon Alley is closer to home, ma cherie Rose, and Diagon Alley has some things that the French Ministry will not permit, and vice-verse."
"So I won't meet anyone I'll be going to school with?"
"You never know, Rosie. You never know."
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Victorae Sampson

Victorae Sampson

Diagon Alley Empty
PostSubject: Re: Diagon Alley   Diagon Alley EmptyFri Dec 16, 2011 12:35 pm

"VICTORAE! Come right back here. You're not wandering, you're staying with us. Now don't run away. We couldn't staand it." Her mother said 'stand' a bit longer, empathizing it. She could stand it. They both could. They hated her. They weren't even mother and daughter. Vicky's mum was in Hollywood, in a film, shooting as the star. She was a star, in the acting career. But she was a Muggle, so she couldn't do magical films.
"Victorae, darling, don't wander. Stay holding my hand, Diagon Alley is very crowded these Christmas days." Her meak (mum and freak) clasped onto her hand, and led her across.
"I want to meet some other kids from Beauxbatons." Vicky whined.
"Why not?"
"Some person who says they go to your school, could be lying. I don't want you kidnapped, what would your mother say?"
"Nothing. She'd only say the lines from her stinking script."
"Language, Victorae!"
"Seriously. She's obsessed over her career, not even caring for her own daughter! She's hateful. She's horrid. I want to go home, to Beauxbatons, where I properly belong."

Her meak rolled her eyes. "You'll be back, soon when the holidays are over, so shut up and hold my hand more tightly."
"No! I'm not a baby! Im a Kesha lookalike girl entering her teenage years, not a little cute five year old blondie!"
Her meak didn't reply, and haughtily led her across the road. Vicky looked at her older sister, with her dad at the local pub, the Leaky Cauldron. Vicky ran towards her, and hugged her.
"Not much more of the holidays left!" her sister cried. "You must be so excited to return to Beauxbatons. I'm excited about going to Hogwarts, though of course I shall have to end my awesome holiday here in France! I'm loving the holiday, but, ah well, Daddy will be with me when I return to Hogwarts. Guess what, he's the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher! I'm so pleased!"
Vicky nodded, trying to keep up with her sister, Guinevere, or just Eve for short. She then spoke. "Beauxbatons is pretty fun. I met a friend by the lake. Oh, I've forgotten his na-"
"HIS! It's a boy?"
"Oh yes! Adore, twas his name. I haven'tseen him for ages."
"I don't. Calm, Eve." Vicky grinned, then her sister calmed down. Honestly, Eve was like an excited little kid at times.
"Are you going to marry him? Have kids with him?"
She folded her arms. "Come on, Victorae, we have to part from your father and sister." They walked off, and Vicky blew her older sister a kiss. Eve caught it in her hands, and placed it on her cheek.

"Now, Vicky, don't wander again." Vicky stuck her tongue out at her meak, then spoke in French as her meak didn't speak French. "Tais-toi, imbécile. Je ne veux pas vous écouter. Vous êtes un gaspillage de temps." She folded her arms, and gazed at the floor.
"How much of the summer holidays left?" her meak asked her. Vicky sighed and kicked the ground, not answering.
"Don't do that, dear. Hey, let's go to the Menagerie. I'll treat you to a pet of your very own." Vicky's meak, or just Melody, was eager so Vicky stormed into the Menagerie, standing by the cages, her back pressed against the wall. Melody ran towards her.
"Don't dilly-dally! Pick from these amazing pets. What d'ya want? An owl? A cat? A toad? Kiss a frog, you might get a prince from it!"
Vicky groaned.
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PostSubject: Re: Diagon Alley   Diagon Alley Empty

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Diagon Alley

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