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 Avalyne Trudeau - First Year

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Avalyne Trudeau

Avalyne Trudeau

Avalyne Trudeau - First Year Empty
PostSubject: Avalyne Trudeau - First Year   Avalyne Trudeau - First Year EmptyMon Oct 03, 2011 4:48 pm

Avalyne Trudeau - First Year Natalie_portman Avalyne Trudeau - First Year Natalie_Portman
“Doors and windows are meant to be opened and explored. There are no limitations that can't be tested.”

and i wonder who you are; yeah i wonder who you are
» FULL NAME: Avalyne Rose Trudeau.
» COMMON NAMES: Lyne, Ava-Rose, Rosie, Ava.
» DATE OF BIRTH: October 23, 1999.
» AGE: 12 years old.
» SCHOOLING: Belanger
» BLOOD TYPE: Half blood
» WAND IDENTIFICATION: 10 3/4 inches, Rowan and Mermaid scale.

beauty is more than skin deep, but i’m cracking in this mirror

» EYES: Chestnut brown with gold flecks.
» HAIR: Dark auburn, straight with a little wave; usually pulled back, but when loose falls just below the shoulder blades.
» BUILD: Very thin and lanky; petite.
» HEIGHT: 4'6"
» WEIGHT: 80.5 lbs.
» MARKINGS: None yet.
» DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: A dark, sun-shaped splotch birthmark on the back of her neck and a small mole on her right cheekbone, right under her eye.

underneath it all, what is there to hide behind in lies

» LIKES: Running, dancing, experimenting with potions and spells (particularly charms) with her father, large animals (including insects), open bodies of water, candle light, clear skies, warm weather, creativity.
» DISLIKES: Cold, wet weather, sitting still for extended periods of time, rudeness, sticky books.
» GREATEST FEAR: Failure; being deemed useless and cast aside.
» AMORTENTIA: Worn leather, cedar wood, warm vanilla.
» ERISED: Becoming an auror for the French Ministry of Magic or working as a research healer.
» OVERALL PROFILE: Tenacious, yet laid-back, Avalyne is a clever and active (physically and mentally) young girl. People in general don't interest her, however, her interest is often piqued by other curious and witty minds. Her mother claims that she was born without a verbal filter when she was a child as when she had something to say, Avalyne would say it without little thought for the impact it would have on others. Lyne is slowly growing out of this trait, but is still blunt for a twelve year old. She rarely sits still, even when studying (as evidenced by her constantly taping her foot or quill), but instead of picking up Quidditch like many of her wizarding peers, she is a budding dancer (something that was influenced heavily by her mother). However, due to her younger brothers and their interest in the sport, she has started to take an interest in the sport.

the past is what makes us who we truly are in the present

» MOTHER: Brigid "Gitta" Colleen Trudeau, 34, Herbalist/Botanical shop owner (Works primarily in alternative muggle healing practices) (Muggle).
» FATHER: Wyatt Louis Trudeau, 40, Experimental potions master and transfiguration consult for the French Ministry.
» SIBLINGS: Nikolai Culleah Trudeau (10), Caden Drust Trudeau ( 8 ), Rylie Teague Trudeau (6).
» OTHER RELATIONS: Cherie Vivaine Trudeau, 43, healer and diviner (Aunt).
» NATIONALITY: Half French/Half Irish
» RESIDENCE: Brittany, France; winter home in Orleans, France.
» PERSONAL HISTORY: Lyne's family has a great influence on her life; her parents, Gitta and Wy live in a large chateau on the coast of France, ensuring their life stays private for the sake of their children and Wyatt's work. From a young age, Avalyne has been watching her father work from their home with fascination that has only been encouraged by her mother (who supplies herbs and herbal remedies for other muggles, while supplying and hiding her husband's more exotic potion supplies). Her aunt, Cherie lives with the family, as Gitta has her hands full with her business and Lyne's three rambunctious younger brothers and a new baby on the way. At home, Avalyne is responsible for her dire wolf, Malik, and taking care of the other animals on the family estate (a hippogriff chick, a barn owl, and a bob-tailed blue point cat). Her half-muggle upbringing has had a huge impact on her life, despite her mother being the only muggle in the household. When the time came for her to go to Beauxbatons Academy, her father took her to get her wand and supplies, taking pride in her being accepted from his alma mater. Before she left for the coach, he gave her a small, leather-bound journal and tapped her nose. "Je 'dore, ma cherie Rose." It's pages were empty, but were waiting to be filled with the ideas and dreams of a fresh new academic.

these little quirks; it’s no wonder i can’t figure you out

» MEMBER TITLE: First Year/Student
» FILL THIS IN: No stranger to hard, non-magical work, Lyne is eager to finally learn how to "properly" use magic, as her mother puts it. Tenacious, witty, and at times a little naive, she's not in school to make friends...but she figures it couldn't hurt and will never turn away someone who needs or is looking for help.
» ASSESSOR’S NOTES: admin notes.
» DNA CONFIRMATION: I was itching for a non-canonical (read: original, while still in the realm of the Harry Potter world) Harry Potter forum RP and this one looked surprisingly well-structured. I found Beauxbatons on Google while I was building a wand draft, and I'm glad that I could use it!

please proceed to deliver this to the secretary at the wizarding census office on floor six.
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Avalyne Trudeau - First Year

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