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The current year is 2012.

It's currently winter.
The high is 43°F (6°C), with strong winds.


 Flame of Hogwarts Ice of Durmstrang

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Briony Romain

Flame of Hogwarts Ice of Durmstrang Empty
PostSubject: Flame of Hogwarts Ice of Durmstrang   Flame of Hogwarts Ice of Durmstrang EmptyThu Jan 05, 2012 6:51 am

Flame of Hogwarts Ice of Durmstrang Veryfinal3

The plot for this site is as follows...

It is in the modern day, 2012, and there is a magical war breaking out between Britain and Germany, to the Muggles it seems like Terrorist Attacks, or maybe even the effects of Global Warming but to the Wizards of these countries the truth is that they are under attack from the opposing nation and they must do all they can to win this war.

Both magical schools, Hogwarts and Durmstrang are preparing themselves to send fighters over, but, also to send spies over to the other land to try and gain information about other attacks and the workings of the other side...

To do this each school is secretly raising a group of children specifically trained to infiltrate and gain information from the other nations, and not only this, but to root out any spies that might have already made it onto their soil from another country.

Who will win this war?
Will both countries lead to their own destruction?
Pick a side. Fight for your cause.

We are in desperate need of both Professors and Students! Everyone is Welcome Very Happy

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Flame of Hogwarts Ice of Durmstrang

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