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 Avalyne Trudeau

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Avalyne Trudeau

Avalyne Trudeau

Avalyne Trudeau Empty
PostSubject: Avalyne Trudeau   Avalyne Trudeau EmptyWed Jan 11, 2012 2:00 am

Avalyne Rose Trudeau

Avalyne Trudeau Natalie33
» FULL NAME: Avalyne Rose Trudeau
» COMMON NAMES: Ava, Lyne (pronounced like Lina), Ava-rose, Rosie (by her father and his family).
» DATE OF BIRTH: 10/23/1998
» AGE: 13
» SCHOOLING: Belanger, Beauxbatons
» BLOOD TYPE: Half blood
» WAND IDENTIFICATION: 9 1/2 inches, Willow, Mermaid Scale, aggressive nature, flexible, excellent for transfiguration.

» EYES: Chestnut brown with gold flecks.
» HAIR: Dark auburn, shoulder-blade length with a little wave-- usually pulled back.
» BUILD: Petite and lanky, still growing into her limbs.
» HEIGHT: 4'8"
» WEIGHT: 85 lbs.
» MARKINGS: Two modest silver hoops in her left ear and one identical hoop in her right.
» DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: A dark, sun-shaped splotch birthmark on the right side of the back of the neck, and a small, faint beauty mark on her left cheekbone.

» LIKES: Large animals, academics, flying, dancing, open bodies of water, untouched forests, clear skies, warm weather, and candle light.
» DISLIKES: Overcrowding, inane conversations, sticky books, sitting still for extended periods, and cold weather.
» STRENGTHS: Quick, self-sufficient, and honest. Creature development, magical botany, and potions come easily to her.
» WEAKNESSES/FLAWS: Introverted, impatient, blunt and lacks tact. She suffers through ancient runes, numerology, and history.
» GREATEST FEAR: Abandonment.
» AMORTENTIA: Cabbage roses, worn leather, warm vanilla, and a sea breeze.
» ERISED: Success and travel-- most likely travelling the world working with mythical beasts and researching dragons.
» OVERALL PROFILE: Tenacious, yet laid-back, Avalyne is a clever and active (physically and mentally) young girl. People in general don't interest her, however, her interest is often piqued by other curious and witty minds. Her mother claims that she was born without a verbal filter as when she had something to say, Avalyne would say it without little thought for the impact it would have on others. Avalyne is slowly growing out of this trait, but is still blunt for her age. She rarely sits still, even when studying (as evidenced by her constantly taping her foot or quill). Her mother put her through dance and she won't admit it, but she loves the sport, because it satisfies her need to move, be in the spotlight, and feel like she's flying without having to mount a broom. Having said that, the young girl also is an avid flyer and Quidditch player (her favorite team is the Holyhead Harpies with Ireland's national Quidditch team following at a close second), despite only getting to play with her older cousins. She'll play almost any position, but would be willing to step outside of her keeper/chaser role.

» MOTHER: Brigid "Gitta" Colleen (nee Suilleabhain) Trudeau, 35, muggle, horticulturist/owns a greenhouse and plant nursery.
» FATHER: Wyatt Louis Trudeau, 41, potions master and occasional consultant for the French branch of the Ministry of Magic.
» SIBLINGS: Nikolai Culleah Trudeau (11), Caden Drust Trudeau (9), Rylie Teague Trudeau (6), Vynetta "Netta" Grace Trudeau (four months). Avalyne is the oldest Trudeau child and is currently the only Beauxbatons' student.
» OTHER RELATIONS: Vivianne Cherie Trudeau (aunt, Wyatt's sister), 44, curse breaker.
» NATIONALITY: Half French, half Irish.
» BIRTH PLACE: Juan les pins, Alps-Maritimes, France.
» RESIDENCE: Brittany, France.
» PERSONAL HISTORY: As the eldest of her four siblings, Avalyne has grown up knowing responsibility and that the only way to be heard or seen in a house full of younger children is to be faster, louder, and more apparent. This isn't to say that she is an extrovert outside her usual four walls. Ava tends to be cautious and even anxious around new people and often very apologetic after interrupting. As her comfort level grows, her truer self shines. Her family knows her to be bossy, gregarious, sarcastic, and a trouble maker when her younger siblings, especially Caden, are thrown into the mix. Her family has a large chateau just off the northwestern coast with several acres of land to themselves. While her cousins and other family members were frequent playmates and visitors, Avalyne's grown up almost entirely without neighbors to interact with greatly, due to most of them being elderly, muggle, or both. Her last year at Beauxbatons was a drab affair that she wished she could forget. Avalyne returned to the illustrious academy of magic at her father's behest. All she's hoping for is to learn and stumble upon something interesting; her family (Gitta and Vivianne especially) would be happy if their outspoken diva could make some lasting friends.

» FILL THIS IN: Cuttlefish. That's all. :]
» ASSESSOR’S NOTES: admin notes.


please owl this to Beauxbatons Admissions with your acceptance letter response. make sure it arrives before classes begin.
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Avalyne Trudeau

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