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 Astrid Lueure

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Madame Lueure

Madame Lueure

Astrid Lueure Empty
PostSubject: Astrid Lueure   Astrid Lueure EmptyThu Jan 12, 2012 10:47 am

Astrid Yves Lueure

Astrid Lueure Irina-shayk-3

» FULL NAME: Astrid Yves Lueure
» COMMON NAMES: Astrid or Yve
» DATE OF BIRTH: 14/02/1985
» AGE: 26
» SCHOOLING: Belanger, Beauxbatons
» BLOOD TYPE: Half-Blood
» OCCUPATION: Auror/Professor
» PET/FAMLIAR: A Phoenix named Lux, they became loyal companions to each during Astrids tour in Egypt 5 years ago.
» WAND IDENTIFICATION:12 ¾ inches, Black Limba, Manticore Hair, Stubborn Nature

» EYES: Green
» HAIR: Soft Brown
» BUILD: Svelte
» HEIGHT: 5'8
» WEIGHT:124 Pounds
» MARKINGS: A long scar running down her left index finger, and a quote tattoo in French, on her ribcage.
Twirls her wand a lot, paces around rooms, has a brilliant smile, and constantly brushed her hair from her face.

» LIKES: Animals, Babies, Wandlore, Transfiguration, Being in control & Choir
» DISLIKES: Ignorance, Lack of passion, Cleaning, Unshaped/dirty fingernails and having her picture taken.
» STRENGTHS: Leading, Transfiguration, Mathematics, Languages, & Music
» WEAKNESSES/FLAWS: Asking for help & Overeating.
» GREATEST FEAR: Never finding true love.
» AMORTENTIA: Cinnamon, Firesmoke, Vanilla sugar, & Peppermint
» ERISED: Finding out who her Father is

Astrid attended Beauxbatons in her youth, where she was sorted into Belanger, and played on the house quidditch team, as Chaser, from her 3rd year, right until the end of her schooling. She graduated in 2003, spent a year getting work wherever she could, and saving up all her money, and then had planned to go on a tour of Egypt with her best friend Michel, but they had a big falling out, and Astrid ended up going alone, and eventually ended up living their for 4 years, where she worked loosely with cursebreakers, and working with healers. honing her transfiguration proficiency, and eventually she met her familiar Lux, a Phoenix, and they became companions to each other. Astrid evenutally travelled home upon learning of the death Michel.. Harsh reality hit her, and she decided that she needed to find out the identity of her father now more than ever. She worked for some time at the French brand of the MoM, but not having enough clearance to review dcertain documents she moved to England to train as an Auror, providing her the clearance she needed.

Astrid left France for a period of 9 months to work with Aurors at the Ministry of Magic Headquarters, but ended up having to deal with her Grandfather, when he fell in to ill health, but after his memory began to fail, and he no longer remembered her, Astrid decided a fresh start was in order. She returned to France in order to search for her Father, her Mother however, delighted at her return encouraged her to apply for a job at the Beauxbatons, where she was successful in the Transfiguation post.

Astrid has an innate feeling of being lost, down to not knowing the identity of her father, and compensates for that by trying to be collected, and organised in every other aspect of her life. She is a vibrant, and intelligent young woman, who has achieved a great deal in her short life. She has a 50/50 relationship with her Mothers, but had a fantastic relationship with her Grandfather before he was admitted to St Mungos.

» BIRTH MOTHER: Colette Inès Lueure , 54, Potion Mistress.
» MOTHER: ,Éléonore Odette Lueure, 49, Photographer.
» OTHER RELATIONS: Grandfather: Vincent Gilles Lueure, 82, Retired.
» NATIONALITY: French, Russian & Greek
» BIRTH PLACE: Aix-en-Provence
» RESIDENCE: Aix-en-Provence (with her Mothers until she find a place of her own.)
» PERSONAL HISTORY: Astrid obstains from romantic relationships, and she feels unworthy of being desired. She also struggles with showing romantic feelings as a result of the extremely open way in which her Mothers talked about relationships; though she does want one in the future, she knows she has to overcome her fear of commitment and love.

FILL THIS IN: Astrid dresses as she wishes to be seen, she wears tailored dresses, trousers etc, always with a robe. She is never seen without jewellery, or heels and perfectly shapes and paints her nails. Astrid is also fairly Modern in the sense that she keeps herself up to date with muggle happenings, and even owns Muggle technologies.
» ASSESSOR’S NOTES: admin notes.


please owl this to Beauxbatons Admissions with your acceptance letter response. make sure it arrives before classes begin.

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Astrid Lueure

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