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 Thomas Eriksson

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Tommy Eriksson

Tommy Eriksson

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Thomas Eriksson  Tommy23
» FULL NAME: Thomas Edward Paul Eriksson
» DATE OF BIRTH: 19th December 1984
» AGE: 27
» SCHOOLING: Stärke Hall, Durmstrang
» OCCUPATION: Hit Wizard/ Professor
» OWL: Black/Brown (with white markings) Hawk Owl named Pandora
» WAND IDENTIFICATION: 14 ¾” Ebony, Dragon Heartstring Core, Aggressive
» HOUSE ELF: Akema (left behind in London)

» EYES: Brown
» HAIR: Dark Brown
» BUILD: Tall and slim.
» HEIGHT: 6’ 3”
» WEIGHT:180 pounds
» MARKINGS: 8 inch scar that runs down his left side. Tribal tattoo down his spine,
» DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Deep voice, Muscular, Facial Stubble.

» LIKES: Honest people, Debating. Reading. Time Alone. Dispensing with those that follow the Dark Path.
» DISLIKES: Dark Wizards, The Dark Arts, Liars. Crowds
» STRENGTHS: Honest, Courageous, No Fear. Defensive Spells. Transfiguration. Charms
» WEAKNESSES/FLAWS: Failing to accept he can fail. Finds it hard to trust others. Women.
» GREATEST FEAR: Never Finding That One Special Girl
» AMORTENTIA: A Meadow in Flower. Peppermint.
» ERISED: To take down the woman who gave him the scar.
A bit of loner, Tommy finds it hard to make close friends. He tends to have a lot of acquaintances but someone he can sit and talk to about his darkest dreams is someone he still searches for. He has been known as a bit of playboy for he tends to get through women, in truth he just can not hold a relationship for he always put his work first and does not think it fair to start with anyone, due to his job. But he yearns for that one woman he can eventually settle down with.

» MOTHER: Mary Louise Carney, Socialite
» FATHER: Edward Paul Eriksson, Independently Wealthy
» SIBLINGS: Karl Otto (deceased), Frederick David (Reporter Daily Prophet)
  • Paternal Grandparents: Edward Paul Eriksson and Sarah Anne Wholesworth.
  • Maternal Grandparents: Robert Carney and Annie Harrington.
  • Maternal Aunt: Jane Carney married Stephen Jenkins
  • Maternal Cousins: Emily Jane Jenkins, Grace Emma Jenkins
  • Paternal Uncles: Samuel Roy Eriksson (married Jenny Hawkins), Harry Donald Eriksson (married Sadie Dunhill) and Jack Stephen Eriksson (married Ellie Randolph).
  • Paternal Cousins: Roy Samuel Eriksson, Gary Hawkins Eriksson, Edward John Eriksson, Jacob Paul Eriksson, Patrick Paul Eriksson, Charles Jack Stephen Eriksson, William George Henry Eriksson, Elliot Ewan Eriksson, Tobias Gerald Eriksson
  • Great Uncle: Ormr Eriksson.

» BIRTH PLACE: Ipswich, Suffolk, England
» RESIDENCE: Beauxbatons at present.
It started long ago when Tommy’s Great Great Grandfather brought his new bride down from the North to live in England. Almost Penniless at the time, he hadjust enough to buy a cheap plot of land on Blackstone Island and built a shack and it was here he would build his fortune from. Ari was his name and Kelda was his wife and over the years they had 6 sons.

Tommy’s Great Grandfather was the eldest son, Ulfa who married Amanda Jones. By this time, Ari had amounted quite a bit of money and had invested it in property and he did well. By the time of his death, Ulfa inherited a fortune. Ulfa and Amanda had three sons and Tommy’s Grandfather Edward senior was also the eldest. Edward and Sarah had 4 boys of which Tommy’s dad was the eldest. Tommy is the middle of three boys , although Karl had died 6 months before Tommy was conceived so Tommy never knew him, this now made Tommy the eldest.

Like all Eriksson boys, Tommy was sent to Durmstang for his schooling. He got sorted into the Stärke Hall and he did well in classes. He studied hard and came within the top 5 each year he was there. His goal was to become a Hit Wizard (Auror) when he was old enough and by the time he left school, his grades were so good, he was accepted as soon as he got back to England. After his training, Tommy became one of the best Hit Wizards the MOM had ever seen. He brought in more Dark Wizards and Witches than anyone since Mad Eye Moody.

After the downfall of Voldermort . . everything went quiet for a while and it seemed the dark times were over. But slowly it was seen that the darkness was creeping back in and in time it became evident that there were factions trying to reinstate what the Dark Lord had begun.

It was such a Witch that would become Tommy’s undoing. He had got a tip one day about where she was and he had gone to investigate. Alone as usual for he did not need a backup. His mistake. He went to the old house, why she was there or what she was after he would never know, but he caught her in the old study and he was sure he had her this time. Words tallied back and forth, neither willing to make the first move and to this day Tommy never knew who did but spells started flying everywhere.

He winged her, that much he knew and maybe that was what had sent her over the edge but next thing he knew was a searing pain down his left side. He had dropped his wand in agony and that had been when she had attacked. Over and over, and eventually he had blacked out and woke up a week later in St Mungo’s. Three weeks he spent in the hospital and another two before he went back to work. But he was different . . his co workers saw it and he knew somewhere he had lost his edge.

It was his supervisor Barry who eventually came to suggest maybe Tommy needed a break. Barry told him about the school in France, seems they were looking for some new Professors. They needed someone to teach Magical Protection (DADA in England) and Barry thought Tommy would be ideal. “Take a year , see how it goes” he told the younger man. Tommy thought about it for another two weeks but he knew his days as a hitman was over for now. He had healed physically but emotionally he was a wreck, for never before had anyone got the better of him.

Tommy decided to give it a try and dutifully sent of an application, along with a recommendation from Barry and George, who was in charge of the whole department. It was enough for him to be offered the job so just after Christmas he packed his bags and headed to France. If nothing else he thought. . it would give him a chance to brush up on his French.

» FILL THIS IN:Fluent in both English and German languages. Interesting fact that no girls have ever been born in the Eriksson line. Eldest son of each Generation inherits at the age of 24. At this age, Tommy came into three properties; A Cottage in Nottingham, A London town house and A Shack on Blackstone island (holiday island for the British Magic Community), and we will not mention the money he got, needless to say it meant he would never have to work again for the rest of his, his children or his granchildrens life. But Tommy hates being idle. . .
» ASSESSOR’S NOTES: admin notes.


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Thomas Eriksson

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