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 Demi Noel

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Demi Noel

Demi Noel

Demi Noel Empty
PostSubject: Demi Noel   Demi Noel EmptySun Jan 15, 2012 5:15 pm


» FULL NAME: Demi Maryellen Noel
» DATE OF BIRTH: 6th April 1999
» AGE: 12
» SCHOOLING: A muggle elementary and middle school
» BLOOD TYPE: Muggleborn
» WAND IDENTIFICATION: 8 inch, Oak, Unicorn hair core, sturdy


» EYES: Hazy, sea foam green
» HAIR: Dirty Blonde
» BUILD: Average height for her age but hasn’t filled out yet since she is still young.
» HEIGHT: 5’ 1’’
» WEIGHT: 93 pounds
» MARKINGS: Has a slight splash of freckles on her face
» DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: How different her eyes are

» LIKES: Calm, nice, and honest people. She likes the sun and the outdoors.
» DISLIKES: People who freak out a lot or yell for no reason. When the weather gets to be below 20 degrees.
» STRENGTHS: Calm and knows when to stop talking or doing things. She is trustworthy and does not freak out during difficult situations.
» WEAKNESSES/FLAWS: Sometimes tries a little too hard to succeed or impress others. Sometimes she will try so hard she ends up injuring herself or someone around her.
» GREATEST FEAR: Never succeeding in life.
» AMORTENTIA: Milk chocolate and the smell of a rose.
» ERISED: To live a full life with no regrets.
» OVERALL PROFILE: Demi really does enjoy the company or others but can’t stand it when they start to yell or get too stressed. She is still growing up and as a lot of life to live so she is excited to start schooling here. She is a bit family-oriented and everybody that is still in her family is very close. She likes to just go outside a lot and maybe take walks around but she mostly likes to do that with someone by her side.

» MOTHER: Penelope Trenner
» FATHER: Frankie Noel, died after Billy was born
» SIBLINGS: Ida Noel, Billy Noel
» BIRTH PLACE: Brimingham, England
» RESIDENCE: Beauxbatons right now
» PERSONAL HISTORY: Demi is the middle child of three. Her older sister Ida, who is 17, is still in a muggle high school for one more year. Her younger brother Billy, 10, is still in elementary school for one more year, too. Her father died only a year after Billy was born so the kid never really had father since his mother never remarried. Penelope loved Frankie too much to even move on years after he died. This sent her into a state of depression that she always tried hard to hide. Ida was always there to comfort her mother and take care of Demi and Billy. Penelope eventually got a job to pay the bills at home. Her whole family pitched in a lot to help and would make visits often. She has no sets of grandparents left but she does have two uncles from her dads side and an uncle and aunt from her moms side.
It was very difficult to handle at first, but then got easier to go through the motions as the years went on. Since Demi was only 3 when Frankie died, she never got to know him that well, either. Only pictures and her family’s stories helped her imagine a perfect dad in her head. Ida was 8 when her dad died so she had some more time to get to know him. She always would tell good stories about how he would take them all hiking or to swim in a lake. Ida’s stories were Demi’s absolute favorite.
When she got older, Ida became her second mom and one of her best friends. She had a decent amount of friends at school but nobody could compare to how her and Ida were. Billy would always be at his friend, Matthew’s, house. When she came to this school everything changed. She didn’t have Ida anymore to talk to or laugh with. That was really hard but she always tries to write letters to keep in touch. Demi knew how to stay calm and not show a whole lot of emotion when it came to saying goodbye.


» FILL THIS IN: Fluent in English and French.
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Demi Noel

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