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 Zelenyĭ Academy

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Zelenyĭ Academy Empty
PostSubject: Zelenyĭ Academy   Zelenyĭ Academy EmptySun Jan 15, 2012 9:26 pm

Site Name: Zelenyĭ Academy (School RPG)
Site Address: http://zelenyigreenacademy.forumotion.com/forum
Short Intro/Description: Location
Zelenyĭ Academy is located in a mideval castle near Novokuznetsk, Russia ontop of a high mountian. You can only get to the school by riding a train by the name "Zelenyĭ Poezd".
How it was Founded
It was founded in 1941 by Dimitri Arsov. The school was founded only because Arsov wanted so much to be a Headmaster of a school, but did not want to apply for the job at a school that was already in existence. So, Arsov founded his own school, and was the Headmaster. He called it Zelenyĭ (meaning green) Academy because his favorite color was green, and he love the feel of grass.
Other Information
At first, the boarding school was only offered to boys, and there were only a few women teachers that tought at the school (usually only two women teachers at a time) until 1993 when the school was offered to boys and girls and more women teachers were hired at the school. In the past, at the school, Music and Drama were not offered at the school. Music and Drama started to be offered in 1994, only a year after the school became Co-ed. For you to officially attend the school, which was always a rule, you have to be sorted into a Dom (house). You can sorted into Siniĭ, Oranzhevyĭ, Zheltyĭ, Rozovyĭ, or Krasnyĭ.
Admin Name: (character or not) Lily Frank
Button url: Zelenyĭ Academy Form
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Zelenyĭ Academy

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