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 Out of the Darkness [brand new]

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Out of the Darkness [brand new] Empty
PostSubject: Out of the Darkness [brand new]   Out of the Darkness [brand new] EmptyTue Jan 17, 2012 9:41 pm

Out of the Darkness [brand new] OutoftheDarkness-3-1

With Hogwarts completely in shambles and many dead,
the Wizarding World has taken a major hit. Not only was
there an attack made on Hogwarts, but Durmstrang,
Beauxbatons, and other seats of power were attacked
as well by those who followed the Dark Lord's quest for purity.

As reconstruction of the Wizarding World begins, all Hogwarts
students are sent back to school and made to repeat the year
they would have attended during the war, and fighting continues.
Many believe that a repeat may happen, that Voldemort will rise
once again from the ashes and "take back the Wizarding World".

Foremost among these believers are, of course, the Malfoy family.
Having lost the Lestranges in the Battle of Hogwarts, the Malfoys
are seeking retribution. Can they gain what they are looking for
without drawing attention to themselves? Or will the remnants of
the Order stop them before they do find a way to revive the Dark One?


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Out of the Darkness [brand new]

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