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 The Feast II

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Chlo Aurelis

Chlo Aurelis

The Feast II Empty
PostSubject: The Feast II   The Feast II EmptySun Jan 22, 2012 10:40 am

((For those of you who have moved on from the Start of Term Feast, but still want to RP in the dinning hall, PLEASE JOIN IN!))

The evening announcements had just been read out, and the hall descended into chatter, Chlo was late, as usual. She hurried past the lines of tables hoping not to be noticed by any of the Professors, and only paused briefly to listen to the music of the wood nymphs before continuing on, slipping past a small band of students having a heated arguement.

Chlo looked up and down the Belanger table and could not see any of her friends. She sighed, sweeping her hair up and placing her wand in it to keep it in place - she did this whenever she felt nervous. She qiuckly made a move to sit down, but stopped herself. I'm never going to make new friends if I don't try, she told herself, turning away from her usual table, she slid into another, waving at a few familiar faces she filled her plate up and poured a drink. She was right, she would never going to progress at anything she did unless she put herself in situations that were uncomfortable to her, she took a deep breath and hoped Avalyne would soon appear.

She smiled at a group of boys and girls nearby, "Hello, my name is Chlo. Third year, Belanger." She greeted, and then took a sip of her drink.
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The Feast II

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