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 Matt Lévesque

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Matthieu Lévesque

Matthieu Lévesque

Matt Lévesque Empty
PostSubject: Matt Lévesque   Matt Lévesque EmptyThu Jan 26, 2012 5:38 pm

Matthieu Gérard Lévesque

Matt Lévesque Matt
» Matthieu Gérard Lévesque:
» COMMON NAMES: Matt, Levy
» DATE OF BIRTH: Sept 18 1980
» AGE: 31
» SCHOOLING: Belanger, Beauxbatons
» OCCUPATION: Professor
» WAND IDENTIFICATION: 14 inch Yew with a single scale from a Peruvian Vipertooth

» EYES: blue
» HAIR: blond
» BUILD: Athletic
» HEIGHT: 6’ 2 1/2”
» WEIGHT: 174 pounds
» MARKINGS: none
» DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Deep resonant voice.

» LIKES: Time with his son. Gazing at the stars. Playing his guitar and singing. Writing.
» DISLIKES: Hospitals, small chatter, people who can not hold decent conversation, prunes.
» STRENGTHS: His son. Connecting with people. Charms.
» WEAKNESSES/FLAWS: His Son. Potions, recognising emotions in others.
» GREATEST FEAR: Losing his thoughts.
» AMORTENTIA: Rose Petals, Juniper, Coffee. Sandalwood.
» ERISED: Having a book published.
» OVERALL PROFILE: Matt is a thinker. He is most happiest sitting under the stars thinking about life, playing his guitar.. He can connect with people but finds it hard to commit.

» MOTHER: Odette 52 Shop Owner
» FATHER: Philippe 54 Shop Owner
» SIBLINGS: Sister Éléonore 28
» BIRTH PLACE: Cannes, France.
» RESIDENCE: 26 Montague street, Villeneuve, France.
» PERSONAL HISTORY: Matt is the eldest of two children. Home schooled until the age of 11 where he was sent Beauxbatons and sorted into Belangar. He made friends easily and classes were mostly a breeze, though he found great difficulty in potions. Charms was easily his favourite and he came top his class every year. In his 4th year he tried out for Quidditch and succeed in securing the Keeper position. He enjoyed the game and would spend a lot his spare time on his broom.

Matt graduated in 1999 and immediately started work with the French Branch of the Daily Prophet. He was not so much good with words but more good connnecting with people and be able to get a story out of them. He quickly rose throught the ranks and spent much of his early 20’s travelling to get a story.

In late 2006 (while he back in his hometown of Cannes) he met a young girl by the name of Émilie and entered into a casual relationship with her. Casual for he was very busy with his work and was not in fro anything more permanent. He had been away for 3 months and when she arrived on his \ his doorstep to tell him she was pregnant with his baby. He was not convinced that it was his, but until the baby was born he could do nothing.

On the 4th Oct 2007 . . a baby boy was born . . 8 pound 4 ounces. . 21 inches long. Émilie disappeared 3 days later, leaving the baby and Matt never saw her again.. Matt took the test as soon as he could, but sure enough the results showed he was the father and so 2 days after Emilie disapearance. Matt took his new born son back to Cannes and bought a house where he set about raising his son alone. He called him Alexis.

4 years passed and Matt continued in his job as reporter but the time but as his son got older , an urge to settle down and write a book started to creep in. He started to feel trapped in his job, it did not allow the time he needed, so when Beauxbatons advertised they were looking for Professors, he gave it little thought for he knew he could teach them of the stars . . for he had had a love of the stars since he first started studying them in his own time at the school.

But first he had to find a house closer to the school, so leaving his son with his sister Éléonore and her new husband he sold his house and came to Villenvue to find another and settle into a new life. . one where he could spend weekends with his son.

» FILL THIS IN: Not that I can think of at the moment
» ASSESSOR’S NOTES: admin notes.


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Matt Lévesque

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