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 Ace up my sleeve and a sneaky plan B

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Élise Favreau

Élise Favreau

Ace up my sleeve and a sneaky plan B Empty
PostSubject: Ace up my sleeve and a sneaky plan B   Ace up my sleeve and a sneaky plan B EmptyFri Feb 17, 2012 6:14 pm

Well, Beauxbatons lived up to its name. It was the DULLEST place Elise had ever been. She didn't need to guess why her parents had sent her here instead of somewhere half interesting like Hogwarts which got attacked by the dredges of the old Death Eater army constantly, or Durmstrang where one could learn the Dark Arts, or Salem which was in America and interesting for that fact alone. It was clearly to keep her out of trouble and try to drill some manners into her.

As if that would work. If they couldn't do it, how did they imagine some snotty school could accomplish the task?

In any case, Elise had no intention of becoming some prissy little princess the likes of which her parents and school could be proud.

She was sitting up the end of the Dining Chamber like a spider sitting in its web, waiting just the right insect to get caught up in its strands. And when the right insect came along, she would pounce.
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Ace up my sleeve and a sneaky plan B

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