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 The lost lands of Imbola

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Mademoiselle Belle

Mademoiselle Belle

The lost lands of Imbola Empty
PostSubject: The lost lands of Imbola   The lost lands of Imbola EmptyWed May 16, 2012 10:01 pm

The lost lands of Imbola Forum2

A very new forum set up in the lands of old, where magic still exists and good and evil still battle. A place where fantasy starts and a story unfolds. . . . Come join us to experience this new journey . . .

The story begins a long time ago with a beautiful woman named Belenkia, who was the daughter of the Great Magician, leader of the Hawke people who lived down past the Kurn River.

Her story will be unwrapped soon . . but in the meantime let me tell about her grand daughter Lukka . . which is where this story starts. . .

Lost in time and torn from the man she loves . . Lukka fell into the mist that took her to another dimension where she met a Horizon Walker named Bishop who was in the ruins of a lost city looking for treasure. He told her she was like him, a walker, but she felt his words false as if he was hoping she was. For her it was more like she had found natural doors to step through and she had no interest in the things he was saying.

More important to her was the image of a man . . a man she had loved long ago, in life it was only a day but to Lukka it seemed like years. The Knight (as she thought of him) held part of her magic. . magic that could not be complete until she got it back . . But where he was she had no idea. .

As she stepped after Bishop to follow him, the dimensions shifted and she was once again torn from where she stood, and found herself in another set of ruins . . not too far from where she had left. . This is where her story starts. . .

Where it goes and who she meets is now up to you . . our dedicated members . . You do not have to be part of her story, we urge you to create your own. But I am sure you will stray into her at some time. . .

So come join in the story and help us finish a tale that was created many years ago . . . . . And keep watching to learn where that story started . . . .

The lost lands of Imbola Bellesig
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The lost lands of Imbola

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