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 Hogwarts The Age

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Hogwarts The Age Empty
PostSubject: Hogwarts The Age   Hogwarts The Age EmptyFri Aug 15, 2014 4:44 pm

Hogwarts The Age

Sixteen Years has passed since Voldemort was killed by the legendary Harry Potter and the school was destroyed and was rebuilt one year after the battle. Then the school was under the leadership of Professor Minevra McGonagall and then five years later after it rebuilt Headmistress Selene Lestrange took over. Selene was a strong supporter of the aurors and had wanted to make sure that her school would be safe from the death eaters after they found out they were coming back. The school is now facing the danger they never thought they face and they need to have their guard up.

Can they hold it up?

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Hogwarts The Age

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