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 Sorting: Term One

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Directeur Chouraqui

Directeur Chouraqui

Sorting: Term One Empty
PostSubject: Sorting: Term One   Sorting: Term One EmptyWed Aug 20, 2014 5:07 pm

Sorting: Term One Sortin10
BeauxStrang has a unique sorting method, which was created by Beauxbatons.  In order to be sorted, you must shoot a silver arrow across the room.  After several seconds, the arrow will burst into sparks of your house color: ruby for Sundqvist, emerald for Vulchanov, gold for Dejardions, and sapphire for Belanger.  The arrow will choose a house based on your personality, character, and demeanor.  Certain traits exemplify certain houses.  You may possess all the traits or strongly possess only one of them.  The house descriptions are outlines for your character, but not definite facts.  To learn more about the houses, click here.

>-------> >-------> >-------> >-------> >-------> >-------> >-------> >------->
Please take the following quiz to be sorted.  Upon completing the quiz, there will be an option to copy/paste the code.  Paste the code here and you will be sorted as soon as possible.  The first two questions (age and gender) are irrelevant to your sorting - they were just required by the site.  They will not effect your answer in any way.  Furthermore, if you are indifferent to which house you get, please express this in your post.  Click here to get sorted!

[b]Your Name:[/b]
[b]Your Result:[/b] (post name of house here)
[b]Do you care which house you get?:[/b] (if no, please list the houses you'd like from 1 to 4)
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Sorting: Term One

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