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 RP Rules & Guidelines

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Directeur Chouraqui

Directeur Chouraqui

RP Rules & Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: RP Rules & Guidelines   RP Rules & Guidelines EmptyWed Aug 20, 2014 5:47 pm

RP Rules & Guidelines Coolte21
These are the basic rules and guidelines for roleplaying at BeauxStrang
RP Rules & Guidelines Coolte18

    1. What is roleplaying?
      Roleplaying is when you play the role of a fictional character. On this site, it will be with an original character you created. You construct their personality, appearance, etc. however you wish and then “interact” with other fictional characters. In our case, the interaction is through writing and posting (also called play-by-post).

    2. Write in the third person. (Don’t refer to your character as “I”, but as “he/she”)

    3. Write in the past-tense. (Don’t say “She walks down the hall”, but “She walked down the hall”)

    4. Write with proper punctuation and grammar.

    5. Be aware of what has already happened and read the posts above you. (You shouldn't enter a RP in a classroom, and say you’re in the forest, etc.)

    6. Godmoding is not allowed. What is godmoding?
      Godmoding, also known as god-moding or godmodding, is when you take control of someone else’s character. For example, pretend your character was sitting in class and decided to shoot spit-balls out of their wand. You are allowed to say, “The spit-ball flew from the end of his wand, and went soaring right for Mary-Lou’s head.” However, you could not say that the spit-ball actually hit her head. It would be her decision whether the spit-ball hit her head or whether she ducked out of the way at the last second. On some RPG sites, this is known as “Autoing” or “Powerplaying”.

    7. But I thought godmoding was…
      Yes, on some sites the term “godmoding” refers to when your character is invincible or has god-like abilities. They are better, faster, and stronger than everyone else and they manage to escape every attack that comes their way. This is also not allowed, and is explained further the “Mary-Sue” category below.

    8. No Mary-Sue or Larry-Stu charries, pretty please! What is a Mary-Sue?
      Mary-Sue characters, or the male Larry/Gary/Marty-Stu, are perfect. They are the most beautiful/handsome people in the school and everyone loves them. They succeed in everything they do, whether it is classes or slaying a dragon – they excel with flying colors. These “perfect” characters are not fun to roleplay with and certainly aren't realistic.

    9. So… my character has to be ugly?
      Not necessarily. However, your character, although fictional, is supposed to represent a real child at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic; meaning, just like every other person in the world, they have flaws.

    10. No Drama Queens. What is a drama queen?

      Put simply, a Drama Queen/Drama King is the exact opposite of a Mary Sue. They’re entire existence is a tragedy: they have no skills, no parents, and the entire world hates them. In their posts, they whine about the horrific events that have happened in their life and nothing good ever happens to them. Can you imagine a RP with Mary Sues’ and Drama Queens?

    11. Sorry, but your character is not omniscient. What does omniscient mean?
      If your character is omniscient, they know everything that is going on. Harry Potter is hiding underneath the invisibility cloak, but your character can see him. Hermione is thinking about doing her essay for Potions and you volunteer to help her (although she said nothing aloud). Although you may know that Potter is under the cloak, and what Hermione is pondering, keep in mind that your character does not.

RP Rules & Guidelines Coolte19
    1. Length: When posting your RP, please make sure it is a minimum of five sentences; sorry, no one-liners.

    2. Style: We are what I’m going to call a “literate” RPG site. This means that we don’t use (*) asterisks or any other symbols to indicate actions (if you prefer to use italics, for actions or speech, that is acceptable). Also, speech is indicated by using quotations (“).

    3. (Open) vs (Closed): If you see a post title with the word “closed” (or something similar, such as “invite only”) in the title, then that means it is closed to a specific group of people – please don’t post in these threads unless you were invited. However, if a post title has no such indicator, or says “open”, feel free to join.

    4. Dating: Sorry, but this is not a single-and-searching website OOC or IC. Dating is reserved for those who have been on the site for a length of time, and have developed their character (through writing) during this time. We will let you use your own judgment, but keep your character’s age in mind. Considering that this site is just opening, everyone will be a First or Second year, and more than likely not interested in dating yet. Also, remember the site is rated "PG-13".

    5. Character’s Age: Keep your character’s age in mind. If they are a first year, they are only ten or eleven years old; in other words, they’d probably enjoy running around outside, as opposed to having intellect conversations about tissue paper. This also relates to skill - when your character first comes to Beauxbatons, they haven’t learned any magic yet, so they certainly can’t perform Expecto Patronus, or anything similar.

RP Rules & Guidelines Coolte20
    1. First Years are not allowed a broom. They may use the school brooms.

    2. First and Second Years must be in their common room by 10:30. Third, Fourth, and Fifth Years must be in their common rooms by 11:00. Sixth and Seventh Years must be in their common rooms by 11:30. The exception is prefects; they are permitted to patrol the corridors until 1:30. All students must be inside the palace by 8:00.

    3. Dueling is prohibited unless during class/clubs.

    4. No magic in the hallways.

    5. Students are to show respect to all in authority. You are to remain standing until the Professor is seated or until you are given permission.

    6. Uniforms are to be worn on weekdays unless in the common room. On weekends, students may dress as they please, as long as it is appropriate.

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RP Rules & Guidelines

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