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 RP Terms

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Directeur Chouraqui

Directeur Chouraqui

RP Terms Empty
PostSubject: RP Terms   RP Terms EmptyWed Aug 20, 2014 5:51 pm

RP Terms Coolte10
This list is primarily to help those who are new to roleplaying.

AU – Stands for “Alternate Universe”.  This is when an RPG strays from the canon plot.

BIC – Means “Back In Character”.  (usually posted after an OOC note)

Canon – The original characters, information, and/or world from a book, comic, movie, etc.  In our case, canon characters would be “Harry Potter”, “Albus Dumbledore”, “Hermione Granger”, etc.

Charrie – Short for “character”.

(Closed)/(Invite Only) – You might see a thread that says closed or something similar in the title; this means only certain characters can post here (normally the thread creator will invite specific people).

Godmoding – See RP Rules.  

IC – This means “In Character”.  It refers to anything that happens or relates to your character.

IRC – Internet Relay Chat.  Basically IM, except in your browser.

IRL – Stands for "In Real Life".  You might see just RL, which means "real life".

Mary Sue & Larry Stu – See RP Rules.

OC – Refers to “Original Character”.

OCC – Refers to “Original Canon Character”.  This would be someone mentioned in the book/comic/movie, but you don’t know anything about them.  Someone would then take their name and create an “original canon character”.  An example could be Charity Burbage, who was the Professor of Muggle Studies.

OOC – Refers to “Out of Character”.  This would be anything that relates to you personally, as opposed to your character.

(Open) – You may also see threads that have the word open in the title; this means anyone can join the RP.

Play-By – The celebrity you use to represent your character; in other words, the person you are "playing by".

PM – Stands for “Private Message”.  On this site it is sometimes referred to as “owling” (i.e. send an owl).

RP – This is an abbreviation for “roleplay/role-play”.  RPing would therefore be “roleplaying”.

RPG – Stands for “Role-Play Game”.

SPAM – Stands for “short, pointless, annoying messages”.  This includes pointless PMs, the advertising of other sites, and posting spam on message boards.  This is against the rules.
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RP Terms

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