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 Term 1 Syllabus

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Brigitte Pascal

Brigitte Pascal

Term 1 Syllabus Empty
PostSubject: Term 1 Syllabus   Term 1 Syllabus EmptyMon Sep 08, 2014 4:54 pm

There are a few rules you will need to follow in my classroom:
+ Do not copy directly from the lesson when completing the homework.
+ Some homework answers can be found within the lesson; others will require you to search the internet.
+ Extra credit is never mandatory, although it can get you extra points!
+ Homework can be completed at any point before the end of the term.

Planned lessons are as follows and subject to change:
+ Lesson 1 - Spectrulate
+ Lesson 2 - TBA
+ Lesson 3 - TBA
+ Lesson 4 - TBA

If you have any general questions about the term or any suggestions, please post below!  If you have questions about a specific lesson, please post in that specific topic.

Term 1 Syllabus Brig10
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Term 1 Syllabus

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