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 Igraine Beliveau; Fifth Year Grodeffroy

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Iggy Beliveau

Iggy Beliveau

Igraine Beliveau; Fifth Year Grodeffroy Empty
PostSubject: Igraine Beliveau; Fifth Year Grodeffroy   Igraine Beliveau; Fifth Year Grodeffroy EmptyMon Jul 25, 2011 1:00 am

Igraine Beliveau; Fifth Year Grodeffroy IgraineBoulstridgePRO-1
“with some people solitariness is an escape not from
others, but from themselves. For they see in the eyes
of others only a reflection of themselves”

and i wonder who you are; yeah i wonder who you are
» FULL NAME: Igraine Tilly Mariette Beliveau
» DATE OF BIRTH: o9.21.1995
» AGE: Sixteen
» SCHOOLING: Grodeffroy
» BLOOD TYPE: Half muggle, Half Veela – Muggleborn.
» OCCUPATION: Fifth Year Student.
» WAND IDENTIFICATION: 14 ¾ inches, hawthorn, and Pegasus wing feather – thin and snappy; good for charms.

beauty is more than skin deep, but i’m cracking in this mirror

» EYES: Powder blue.
» HAIR: Long, straight, white-blonde hair.
» BUILD: Slender and lean; long legs.
» HEIGHT: Five feet, seven inches; 170.18 centimeters.
» WEIGHT: 130 pounds; 58.97 kilograms.
» MARKINGS: A single piercing in each earlobe.

underneath it all, what is there to hide behind in lies

    ✔ books
    ✔ libraries
    ✔ quiet, mellow places
    ✔ learning
    ✔ autumn and fall
    ✔ long baths
    ✔ surprises
    ✔ halloween
    ✔ christmas
    ✔ snow
    ✔ hot chocolate
    ✔ bertie bott’s every flavour beans
    ✔ truffles
    ✔ sweet cakes
    ✔ earl grey tea
    ✔ strawberries
    ✔ peaches
    ✔ apples
    ✔ breads
    ✔ cheeses
    ✔ cold meats
    ✔ ballroom dancing
    ✔ charms
    ✔ potions
    ✔ soups
    ✔ singing

    ✖ chalkboards
    ✖ restricted section
    ✖ darkness // night
    ✖ early morning
    ✖ sappy romances
    ✖ boys, guys, and men
    ✖ plain chocolate
    ✖ marshmallows
    ✖ gum
    ✖ bitterness (personality and taste)
    ✖ glasses // spectacles
    ✖ herbology
    ✖ defense against the dark arts
    ✖ dogs

» GREATEST FEAR: Ahh... quite simple: dying from a broken `eart.
» AMORTENTIA: Mmn, books and paper, candied apples, coffee, trees and woods, mint leaves, and chocolate strawberries.
» ERISED: Despite my love of potions, Quidditch `as captured my `eart completely. `Owever, if I do not make it onto a team after I graduate Beauxbatons, a Potioneer is also very `igh on my list.

the past is what makes us who we truly are in the present

» MOTHER: Celandine Ines Beliveau, 36, journalist, Veela; divorced.
» FATHER: Brigham Casey Boulstridge, 37, journalist, muggle; divorced.
» OTHER RELATIONS: Grandmama Marguerite, dad's Mama.
» NATIONALITY: Half French, Half British.
» RESIDENCE: Cannes.

Zough I am a Muggleborn, I’m not ignorant about ze Wizarding World. My moz'er was Veela, and `ence, Maman grew up surrounded by magic and odd little zings she couldn’t live wiz'out. So, from ze day I was born, I was immersed in ze world of wizards and witches – each day and every birz'day, wishing I could attend a school zat would welcome me and be able to make my maman proud. Needless to say, boz `er and I were pleasantly surprised on ze morning of my 11th birz'day, zere – on ze welcome rug under a layer of bills was a letter from Beauxbatons. I `ad done it! I `ad wished and `oped for years and `ad been rewarded (even if I `ad to wait nearly a year to set off to ze school, being zat my 11th birz'day was well after September ze First). [Ah! Do not mind zis little out of character, I just wanted to give a little about my name: I was born out of wedlock, just before my parents were married; zerefore, I `ad to take my maman's maiden name, Beliveau.]

Upon my sorting, I was . . . raz'er surprised at my fortune, zough I was still scorned by my Grodeffroy `Ousemates. Sure, shyness was a `Ouse trait, but I was unbelievably shy, painfully. Whenever I was called on during class, I would zip my lip and sink down into my chair -- not saying a word. Needless to say, I took a lot of points away from our `Ouse. I `ad to resort to leaving my dorm several minutes to `alf an `our earlier zan everyone else just to get away from zeir scornful glances. I mapped out secluded routes to my classrooms just so I would not run into anyone `oo may wish me any `arm (zough, now, I'm pretty certain no one did, but I was a first year, what did I know, oui?) Needless to say, I did not acquire very many friends zat year... zough I told Maman oz'erwise.

As luck would `ave it, I turned out to be quite ze gifted flier – graceful, elegant, and quick; qualities I was far from `aving wiz my feet on ze ground – and was more or less drafted onto Grodeffroy’s Quidditch team my second year. An event zat moderately rose my popularity amongst my peers. I didn’t mind my position on ze team, Chasers `ad most of ze action – zough ze Seekers received all ze glory and fame. `Owever, it was nice being able to be a part of somez'ing, my `Ousemates momentarily forgetting zat I was Iggy Beliveau – ze Grodeffroy zat should never `ave been a Grodeffroy.

`Owever, my zird year proved to be ze start of a very difficult life. Puberty is a git to begin wiz. `Owever, being `alf Veela, it was several times more `ellish. All I wanted was to keep to myself, remain unseen by as many people as possible (wiz Quidditch and classes being ze only exceptions), and what `appens? My Veela blood gives me a kick in ze arse and I can’t so much as walk zrough ze `allway wiz'out being scared of turning a few `eads and running ze risk of being sexually `arassed. Needless to say, my zird school year – and ze years proceeding – were quite different zan my first and second years at Beauxbatons. I wouldn’t `ave minded being `alf Veela so much if I could control ze damned zrall, but ze blood was just diluted enough to render it uncontrollable. Zus, in fear of bringing myself more unwanted attention zan I already `ad, I mapped out even more secluded routes to my classes and stuck to areas where more girls spent zan boys, since it seemed ze Veela’s allurement only affected ze boys. So, I was raz'er surprised when a sixz year Delashmit girl approached me in ze girls’ baz'room, and so my 14 year old self began to discover exactly why I `ated drawing so many boys’ attentions – boys weren’t my cup of tea, I preferred ze much sweeter nectar and softness of girls (a very close guarded secret, mind you. Tell, and I kill you).

For almost two years my relationship wiz `Enrietta Kinlan flourished, ze Delashmit girl taking me under `er wing (and into `er bed), introducing me to `er close friends `oo – at first – didn’t quite welcome me, but zey eventually warmed up to me. `Owever, Etty reluctantly ended our relationship a few monzs after leaving Beauxbatons (we `ad been exchanging letters often and made time on weekends to see each oz'er). `Owever, Etty was from a fairly wealz'y and Pureblood family and would soon be married off to keep `er family’s line pure. Zough she could take on a mistress if she wished, she expressed to me zat she wouldn’t want to put me zrough such a strain – knowing my streak of vicious possessiveness, a strong Veela trait, I would be easily `urt since Etty would be forced by `er parents and `er `usband’s parents to choose `im over me, a ‘mudblood’ to `er future `usband’s family.

And so, during my remaining term of my fourz year, I zrew myself into Quidditch and into my studies, excelling greatly in my potions class (my favorite course, besting Charms by a short flick of my wand), and zus, I entered Beauxbatons as a Fifz Year Grodeffroy. I `ope zis year will be much better...

these little quirks; it’s no wonder i can’t figure you out

» MEMBER TITLE: Student.
» FILL THIS IN: Iggy is half-Veela, her mother being full-blooded; she will be six feet tall once fully grown.
» DNA CONFIRMATION: I was craving a Beauxbatons RPG; this looked the best and most organized out of the handful I found. X3

please proceed to deliver this to the secretary at the wizarding census office on floor six.

Heyhey! This application; OFFICE. was made by LUCY a.k.a. COLOURED. At RPGU.
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Igraine Beliveau; Fifth Year Grodeffroy

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