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 Belle Saynsberry

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Mademoiselle Belle

Mademoiselle Belle

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PostSubject: Belle Saynsberry   Belle Saynsberry EmptyThu Jan 12, 2012 3:00 am

Anabelle Claire Saysnberry

Belle Saynsberry 220px-Scarlett_Johansson_in_Kuwait_01b-tweaked
» Anabelle Claire Saynsberry
» COMMON NAMES: Belle to staff and friends, Mademoiselle Belle to students: Ana to her parents.
» BIRTHDAY 7th May
» AGE: 25
» SCHOOLING: Years 1 to 4 Beauxbatons (Delashmit). Year 5 to 7 Hogwarts (Ravenclaw)
» BLOOD TYPE: Halfblood
» OCCUPATION: )Potions Mistress at Beauxbatons
» WAND IDENTIFICATION: 10 1/4 twisted willow: Unicorn Tail Hair Core: Good for Charms

» EYES: Green
» HAIR: Blonde
» BUILD: Slim
» HEIGHT:5'5"
» MARKINGS: 4 piercings up right ear, 9 up the left ear and nose piercing. 3 tattoos. Black Rose on left top breast. Black spider on lower back and butterfly on back right shoulder blade.
» DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Full Lips: Fair Complexion: Husky Voice

» LIKES: manners: having fun: making friends: inventing potions: a good discussion. Dessert sweets especially chocolate.
» DISLIKES: Loud or rowdy people. Anyone who tries to pick a fight for no reason. Water ( for she can't swim).
» STRENGTHS: Her friends: Her Family
» WEAKNESSES/FLAWS: tends to trust too easy.
» GREATEST FEAR:Loosing her memory
» AMORTENTIA: fresh baked bread . . a glorius summers day
» ERISED: to make the perfect healing potion
» BOGGART: Body of her baby sister in a puddle of water
» OVERALL PROFILE: Belle is confident the most when dealing with potions and she loves getting down and dirty with some of the ingredients that are used. In her time at the apothecary she had at times be known to deal with a few unorthodox items. She is friendly to all and has plenty of patience but does not tolerate fools.

She loves a good discussion and can talk for hours on many subjects. She is always willing to listen as well as talk for she feels everyone has a story to tell. Belle loves to laugh and have fun and loves making friends. She makes a loyal friend and would never speak against one she considers friend.

She is quite haphazard in her ways and life can often be a bit messy . . But she always seems to know where things are in the chaos. She is also a little accident prone.

She carries both an English and a French citizenship and can speak both languages easily with not a trace of accent in either.

» MOTHER: Aimée: 45: Housewife
» FATHER: John: 46: Security at Gringotts
» SIBLINGS: Danielle (deceased)
» NATIONALITY: French: English
» BIRTH PLACE: Launceston, Cornwall, England
» RESIDENCE: Beauxbatons Castle.
» PERSONAL HISTORY:Belle's father was English and her mother was French. The pair met when John got transferred to Gringotts in France for a year. They married young and had Belle within months of marrying. They were settled in England at this time. 3 years after Belle came another daughter but disaster struck when Danielle died at 4 months, a blow to the family and Belle had nightmares for months.

When Belle was 10 the family moved back to France and Belles first 4 years of school were at Beauxbatons. But they moved back to England at the start of her 5th year and she finished her schooling at Hogwarts. Belle excelled in Potions, Herbology and thanks to her wand . . Charms. Potions by far was her favourite and she would spend hours trying to devise her own. Sometimes she succeeded and other times she failed miserably, but she never gave up.

After leaving school she secured herself a job in the local apothecary in Diagon Alley. It was while working here she met a young man she would enter into a relationship with but it was doomed to fail and when it ended, Belle left her job and made her way back to France. Within a few weeks of returning to France, she heard that Beauxbatons was looking for a Potions Professor. Belle applied and to her delight was given the job as the new Potions Mistress. It was just what she needed.

» FILL THIS IN: Belle is a modern witch and usually dresses in not so traditional clothes. Often she is found in jeans and a simple top, or a short sassy dress she picked up at the local muggle market. ( which is one of her favourite past times) Not your typical professor to look at , but she takes her job seriously.

» ASSESSOR’S NOTES: admin notes.


Belle Saynsberry Bellesig
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Belle Saynsberry

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